It’s hot! But you have to wear clothes

Here’s my obligatory what to wear when it’s hot post. Because if you haven’t noticed, it’s HOT.

When the weather becomes this annoying, my advice is to keep it simple with an attractive dress that you can throw a blazer over when you head into your sub-zero office building.

Yet, not just any dress will cut it. There are some things to be careful of when choosing the right one for hot, sticky weather:

1. Opt for a print first. A printed fabric is going to hide your sweat marks, especially the ones you get from sitting down (I believe they call that swamp butt?). A bolder print does well to camouflage any sweat that will appear in that region or elsewhere. This one from Gap is a great example, as it offers a darker print. And although it’s casual, the addition of a blazer would make the look completely appropriate for an office. Please, allow me to model for you. (My dress is BCBG, but same idea.)

2. If you really want to stay solid, then choose black. This will hide sweat marks better than other solid colors.  And again, this can be dressed up with a blazer or light cardigan. Add some funky jewelry and you’re good to go.

3. Pick a light fabric that breathes. Pure cotton or a cotton blend is ideal, but some synthetics can have a similar feel if they’re not too heavy. And although silk is technically light, this is not your friend in a humid atmosphere as it shows sweat more than anything.

4. Look for a silhouette that moves. A fuller skirt will allow some breathing room around your legs, while something more fitted will just feel uncomfortable. The length doesn’t necessarily matter as long as it’s not tight. You can also choose a shift style, which hangs loosely from the neck down (like the Kohl’s Vera Wang one above).

If dresses aren’t your thing–I know in hot weather sometimes the swishing together of the thighs proves highly uncomfortable–then you can choose a top and pant, but keep the same rules in mind. Relaxed silhouette, print or dark color, and breathable fabric.


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