Florida fashion, almost

I just got back from the Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida where I escaped for a week of unabashed laziness, tropical drink in hand. I brought my camera along in an attempt to document some fancy poolside clothing choices by those fancy Florida tourists. Well. That didn’t exactly work out as planned. No offense, Hollywood, but all that is tight, short and animal print does not a chic ensemble make.  I guess I should have known when I realized that everything–really, everything–in my hotel room was leopard. Yeah, that’s the ironing board.

But all was not lost. I managed to scout out a woman, late 40s, in the airport looking quite charming in a trench and chino ensemble. A fashionable oasis in the hot mess that is LaGuardia.

Her ensemble is a perfect traveling look. Classic and comfortable. With slip-on shoes. She’s not messy or disheveled, but also doesn’t have to put much thought into maintaining the outfit.

What she’s wearing:

A very thin, lightweight trench that she’s basically using as a shirt: the long length allows for a lot of sitting, standing, and picking up luggage without having to constantly pull down your shirt. Also easy to take off if the plane air is stifling.

Ankle-length chinos: tailored, but not stiff, so you can sit for long periods of time.

Two-tone ballet flats: can be slipped on and off, which makes them airport security-friendly.

Striped scarf: offers a little bit of flair, while also keeping you warm if the plane air is sub zero.


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