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“The process was so fun, and I have to say I feel much more liberated now that I can actually see what I own! Plus, Bryn is an expert at re-styling what you already own.  Now I feel like I have several new outfits to choose from….It was such a great experience and I loved going into my closet this morning.

Amanda, writer for CityMommy


“Bryn is the kind of girl who walks into a room and you immediately think, “Why am I not wearing that?” Her style is SO ON POINT without being flashy or too on trend. She gets it. And I was so thankful to have her step into my private world and make me really take a look at my wardrobe.”

Vera, founder of Lady and the Blog


“Working with Bryn is wonderful because she’s totally diplomatic, and yet tells you when something doesn’t look right. She finds amazingly creative ways to put clothes and accessories together to actually make you look great.”

Linda, doctor


“Bryn is a true professional. She’s insightful, and honest- which is so refreshing!”

Kristen, administrative assistant


“My closet and wardrobe went from flab to fab after working with Bryn. She helped me shop for what I was really missing and showed me how to put it all together so I look fantastic all the time!”

Erin, photographer


“You were worth way more than the price. You gave me such perspective. You do a great thing and I hope you feel as rewarded as you made me feel.”

Amy, sales consultant


“You are just so lovely and wonderful.”

Elizabeth, executive


“It was very, very helpful — I don’t think I realized how much I desperately needed your help!”

Campbell, lawyer


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