Shocking news of the day: women don’t want to dress ‘their age’

According to a post today from Daily Mail UK, research conducted by British department store Debanaum’s says that 9 out of 10 women don’t want to dress their age, and would rather wait until their 70s to start busting out the ortho shoes and house dress.

Well, um, DUH.

As long as women–and designers, and retailers, and everybody–continue to associate only younger age groups with wardrobes that are fashion-forward and well-fitting, then no woman in her right mind is gonna believe (and admit loud and proud) that she dresses her age.

I say we start marrying these hip clothing choices to more sophisticated age groups, and leave the 20-somethings wanting to dress more like Fashion Maven Mirren.

P.S.- Props to Debanham’s for actually bringing this to light. Looks like they’ve got a pretty good track record with the ladies.


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