Onlinin’ (a.k.a. my week in review)

First of all, so SORRY for the inexcusable neglect of my blog lately! I know a lot of very supportive readers have been (politely) asking what the heck happened to me. All good things have been keeping me busy, mostly addressing West coasters’ style needs and meeting amazing new clients in the process. I’m back in New York starting tomorrow, both for Fashion Week, and for some workin’. Meanwhile, I did want to share some cool web stuff I stumbled upon within the past few days. I figured I’d put all in one post, because, well, what the heck, right. Some online candy for the end of the work week!

photo: Gap

Gap has come out with a line of supposedly super-soft, ‘luxury’ tees under the label Gap Pure. Racked NY claims they’re the ‘best t-shirts you’ll ever own’. Talk about pressure! As I’m always on the lookout for the perfect tee, this has me intrigued. I’ll be heading over there today to check out the goods in person. Will let you know how it goes, for sure. (I’m also pretty excited for the butt-covering aspect of these ones.)



I wanted to point out the cool stuff that’s been coming to my inbox from Shopbop. Their recent look books have been focused on career pieces, and I think it’s worth a looksy. Of course, the items themselves are a smidge on the pricey side, but the overall ideas are great inspiration. Check out the Workwear Boutique, Ultimate Closet, and Work with Color.

image: Glen Luchford/Dazed & Confused via NYMag

Lastly, let’s talk Pinterest. Basically, I like it. I’m having a BLAST finding both practical and beautiful images (like the Rooney Mara one above). Being a tad old school, I have always loved a good collage style inspiration board, and Pinterest allows me to do this without making a mess on the living room floor. I’m just getting started, so things are all in a few basic categories. But still follow me, cuz the stuff I like is pretty.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for that Gap update, along with some fun fashion week reviews for Fall 2012 stuff.

Have a great weekend!

UPDATE: Gap Pure was just kinda meh. The quality of the fabrics were okay, but definitely not amazing. I ended up buying a few longer tees just for layering purposes, but when I went to put one on this morning, it fell in a funky, unintentional asymmetrical way. Point being, I’d rather spend a little more money on nicer tees! Sorry, Gap. 


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