JCPenney backtracks, offers sales, won’t admit to it, confuses everybody

Remember that whole we’re totally done with sales forevah! jazz from JCPenney? Yeah, well they were just kidding. Sort of. We think. Apparently, Penney’s is now back in the discount saddle, offering clearance markdowns and friends and family coupons. This coming after a less than stellar reception of their no-sale policy last year.

So I have some thoughts.

First, I’m not surprised that the ‘everyday low price’ thingy hasn’t been successful. We live in a society where the psychology of sales runneth deep. We need a sale. We crave a sale. Everybody loves a deal. But as things stand right now, those deals need to be presented to us in this get ’em now, hurry up, limited time only kind of way. People need to feel as if they’re scoring something that not everybody else is. When you offer a low price for the masses, then, um, ¬†where’s the fun in that?

I believe the sale culture is getting out of hand. And I see firsthand the effects of buying stuff because it’s on sale. People’s closets–and lives–are overrun by stuff they bought solely because it was on sale. There’s something wrong with that. Isn’t there?

Time will only tell if Penney’s can find their secret sauce. Looks like they’re going to try and marry low prices to regular sales. Basically, becoming Kohl’s.

What do you think? Are you more likely to shop JCP now that sales have kind of returned? Does price always dictate what you buy?


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