JCPenney and their whole new non-sale thing

So, my sale standby, JCPenney, is in the midst of a system overhaul. (Did you catch those Ellen commercials?) Not only are they renovating stores, but they’ve completely re-vamped their pricing system as well. Penney’s used to be known for crazy coupon insanity, but now they are experimenting with throwing that concept to the curb and providing everyday low prices instead. They kind of already did that, but apparently the prices are even lower now.

A few weeks ago, I ventured to a JCP near my hometown in NJ. Karen accompanied me on the adventure, as she knows more than I do (and probably more than a lot of Penney’s employees) about the whole change.

Upon arrival, I did notice a subtle difference in the appearance of the store. Things were cleaner, and there was far less clutter. Overstuffed clearance racks were long gone. The MNG by Mango section was particularly fancified, complete with black chandeliers and boldly clad mannequins.

I also noticed the price callouts on each rack advertising this ‘best price’ thing.

Karen chatted up a salesperson who was able to offer more insight into the new non-sale structure. She said that they’re offering these deal days of sorts on the 1st and 3rd friday of every month. The rest of the time, the prices are just supposed to be low. And she mentioned that only about 5% of the customers aren’t happy with the new way of JCP life… and they’re the old people. (Her words, not mine.)

The ticketed prices did seem lower than they used to be, and it was refreshing to shop in a calmer environment without a pocketful of potentially expired coupons.

I took home this drapey white blazer from JonesWear, which I thought looked pretty great. (P.S… they still need to work on the state of their dressing rooms, as the one I shared with Karen–she’s the ghostlike blur in the background–was underwhelming to say the least.) Oh, and the jacket was $60. Yes, pricey for JCPenney. But the quality was actually fantastic.

Have you shopped at the new Penney’s? Do you prefer the non-sale thing or do you miss the old pricing system?


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