MObama rocks some color, color, and more color

MObama has been making the rounds lately to promote the anniversary of her Let’s Move campaign. Since I’m a huge fan of the First Lady’s style, I was psyched to see the choices she made for each appearance.

These are two of my faves. And also two fabulous examples of how to incorporate color into your look this spring.

The first, from the Jay Leno show, shows off a popular way to rock color for those who want to wear it, but don’t want to WEAR it. Make sense? Michelle teams a color with a neutral. Color with a neutral. Repeat it to yourself. It’s a match made in heaven. While her top is technically a matte gold, it still serves as a muted tone. The neutral works to ground the whole look, while still letting the exciting hue take the spotlight. This is a perfect way to introduce color into your wardrobe, one step at a time.

The second look is a bit more adventurous. Here she has a whole lot of color going on, from the shoes to the pants to the top to the jacket. But it works for her, a.) because of her confidence, and b.) because she manages to choose colors that all complement each other in some way. Plus, the dark navy pants serve as a foundation, grounding everything else.

Colors are not easy. I get that. And even I would probably have some comfort issues rocking the second look. But it’s still something to learn from, so that color won’t be so scary come spring.

(P.S. some of my favorite colorful pieces are happening at J.Crew right now, which just so happens to be one of MObama’s fave retailers. Check it out some fresh options here and here.)

Have specific concerns about wearing color? Hit me up in the comments, or on FB or Twitter!

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