Manday: Should my crewneck be peeking out? (or just my chest hair)


Happy Friday!

Today we tackle the pressing question of whether it’s ok to have your crewneck undershirt peek out from underneath your button-down. This question comes up a lot with my guy clients, friends, and even family members.

It’s an excellent question, with proponents on both sides. My feeling? Mostly no but sometimes yes.

First, the mostly no.

white shirt under button down

Having a white undershirt peek out from the unbuttoned collar of a business shirt can tend to look college (a.k.a amateur). But this doesn’t mean you have to ditch the undershirt altogether.

banana republic v-neck tee

Instead, opt for a V-neck. This will give you a layer of protection without popping out to say hi. And as for color, since the point of the shirt is not to be seen at all, you may want to think about a non-white option whose outline isn’t visible under more transparent button-downs. Women encounter a similar problem when it comes to bras showing through shirts, and my advice for them is to go the route of underthings that matches their skin color. Unfortunately this is not the easiest to find for men, so instead opt for grey or brown.

Now the sometimes yes explanation.

d53f0fb5b825c049141310c85ac507febanana republic mens crewneck tee

Once in a while, the best way to hide something is to make it the center of attention. That way it won’t seem like a mistake, or something that just has to be there. You can do this with crewneck shirts by trying contrast colors underneath your button downs. It will make for a cool pop of color in an unexpected place. I don’t recommend this for someone who likes to play it muted and safe in general, as the contrast color will look out of place. However, if you generally play with layers and textures, donning a green, blue, or heather red tee underneath your button-down can be fun. This could prove especially useful for you guys who are sensitive about too much upper chest hair being seen over a V-neck.

Have a burning question about guy style? Let me know and I may just become a Manday topic on the blog.

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