Manday: jeans that don’t cost a lot but still look good

Let’s talk jeans. Particularly guys’ jeans that look good and don’t cost a lot. A tall order to fill in our current atmosphere of super-expensive designer denim. However, finding a solid pair of jeans that don’t cost $200+ can be done!

First, let’s go over the criteria one should look for in any jean, pricey or not. As in women’s jeans, guys should look out for two overall dealbreakers when shopping for denim: wash and cut. To err on the safe side, go for a DARKER WASH. Please please please stay away from light or acid wash. That’s not to say that all of your jeans need to be perfectly uniform in color. Distressing can be interesting and totally acceptable, but make sure the base color is a darker blue. Not this.

On to the cut. Generally speaking, stick to a straight or slim straight. These are the most flattering and versatile. If you want to go slim, which is totally fine, opt for a slim that’s not painted on. You want a little room to breathe. And make sure it’s a slim and not a skinny. There’s a difference.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that squared away, let’s move on to some brands you should totally check out.

Levis 514 jeans

For a roomier straight, the old denim-standby Levi’s is still the best. Especially since the jeans are under 50 bucks. Stick to their 514s for a true straight leg.

jcrew mens jeans

JCrew 484s are the slimmest you can go without going into skinny territory. They give off a subtle hipster vibe without going too crazy.

uniqlo mens straight jeans

Uniqlo’s jeans aren’t as soft, but they offer solid cuts (both in straight and slim straight) that are extremely budget-friendly. The site has limited sizes, but stores usually carry every size under the sun.


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