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While I rarely (ok, never) write about men’s fashion on the blog, I still definitely love helping out my guy clients and doling out solid advice. I guess I just never thought to make it a regular feature on TRS. Well, times are a changin! Introducing Man Monday. Basically, every Monday, I will address a guy topic… that’s related to style, of course. For any other advice, I am definitely not the person to ask.

So for our first MM post, let’s talk hats! In particular, winter hats. I was recently asked about the types of acceptable hats men can wear during the work week.

While I love a knit hat (aka beanie), it’s not always appropriate for weekday walking to and from work. Your winter hat has to jive with the rest of your winter gear, namely your coat. If you’re rocking a dressy coat, then a knit beanie can often look sloppy and out of place. Other options are fedora or newsboy, however, both of these take some attitude to pull off. And if you’re not that guy already, then sporting a fedora could feel–and look–awkward. Or grandpa. Or both.

180s ear warmers from EMS

My advice for the work week chill? Definitely go for a scarf and gloves first, then top it off with ear warmers. Yes, ear warmers. Not a hat at all, I understand. But a great option for keeping warm. Practical yet inconspicuous, which is exactly what you want. Allow the dress coat and scarf do the sharp talking for you, and let the ear warmers just do their job.

j.crew cashmere beanie

If you’re in desperate need of something to cover your actual head, then by all means try one of the above options — beanie, fedora, or newsboy. You can even try a trapper if you’ve got enough hipster courage in you. But remember to stick to neutral colors and luxe fabrics. Like this soft cashmere beanie in a classy charcoal. Save the orange for the weekend.

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  1. Jenny
    December 4, 2012 | 11:52 am


    Tyler’s getting #2 for Christmas! (Hoping he doesn’t see this….)

    • bryntaylor
      December 4, 2012 | 4:02 pm

      ha so is my father!

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