The jewelry staples you should own

I had a brilliant post request from a fabulous friend and fan of TRS’s Facebook page:

I would love to see a blog post about jewelry staples a gal should have. I know to have a trench, a white shirt, a black dress, ect, but jewelry? Stuck, I have no idea. That’s my two cents you didn’t ask for. 😉

I am always asking for readers’ two cents, even when I don’t say it. Please feel free to hit me up on FB or Twitter whenever you have a pressing style question! Or just to say hi.

Here’s the deal:

Jewelry is a very personal thing, mainly because women use it as an outlet for putting their own touches on ensembles. Also, many women are strict believers in only wearing certain types (i.e. I only wear gold, I never wear earrings, and so forth).

BUT for those of you who are open and willing to expanding your jewelry knowledge, here are 5 staples to get you going:

Statement necklace, pendant necklace, colorful bracelet, metallic bangles, and dangle earrings! Below are some examples from a recent client session. She happened to have all five already, lucky lady.

1. Statement necklace.

A statement necklace will instantly transform boring clothes into beautiful backdrops for a cool piece of wearable art.  It will prove to be a life-saver when you are scrambling for something fancy to wear to dinner or drinks. Simply layer over a plain tee-shirt or classic dress, and it becomes the focal point of your whole outfit. Believe it or not, Chico’s has some fun ones right now. And the color or style doesn’t necessarily matter as long as it’s attention-getting, funky, and unforgettable.

2. Pendant necklace.

When you are wearing an outfit containing color, print, or embellishment (ruffles or beadwork), you can still accessorize. This is where a skinny pendant necklace will become your best friend. It complements the whole look without stealing the focus away. Think of the pendant necklace as a way to adorn the outfit instead of making it.

3. Colorful chunky bracelet.

I say this to all of my clients: buy a colorful bracelet and you’ll be shocked at how many times you’ll reach for it! I’m not kidding when I say I wear my red MBMJ bangle with everything. A bold bracelet offers the perfect pop of color every time.

4. Skinny metallic bangles.

A bunch of thin metallic bangles (silver or gold, or both together) are great for layering with your chunkier bracelets are wearing alone if you just want a little bit of wrist bling. They work the same way a pendant necklace does; to complement the overall look.

5. Dangle earrings.

These are for when you’re wearing a top or dress that doesn’t mesh well with a necklace. A pair of dangle earrings will add the right amount of flash without drowning out the details of the clothes. The above silk top has a tie neck detail, which doesn’t allow for a necklace to be correctly displayed. So, fun dangle earrings are the perfect solution for adding tasteful sparkle.

[tweetmeme] 3 Responses to The jewelry staples you should own
  1. Jenny
    June 22, 2011 | 9:24 pm

    Love the outfits in these photos!! :)

  2. Samantha Burns
    June 24, 2011 | 2:01 am

    I love the first chunky statement necklace…I wonder who helped pick it out & where you got it (!!!

  3. Carmel Stetler
    June 28, 2011 | 4:46 am

    Great tips! These are the same basics I tell my clients to have in their jewelry wardrobe. These basics will allow any woman to maximize their wardrobe. Thanks for sharing!

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