Caping it real, people

So I’m watching the Today show (morning ritual), and they did a whole Bobbie Thomas segment on capes. I’m so torn on the cape issue! They’re fantastic on the runway, in magazines, and on skinny plastic mannequins, but when it comes to the real world and the real body, it’s a tough piece to pull off.┬áCapes are shapeless, and are meant to hang loosely over your frame. While this can be stunning on a long, slender, curve-free figure, it doesn’t translate well to any other body type.

HOWEVER, the one on the left above (from NY & Company) has shirring detail on the front AND back waist, which works to create the illusion of a cinched middle. And I think the color is very autumn chic. Finally, a cape I can get onboard with. (This effect can also be achieved with a belt at the waist, but the shirring seems a little less complicated.)

Unfortunately, you still can’t pull a handbag strap over the arm, which is the second most annoying thing about capes. But if you’re cool with a clutch, then more power to you. Rock that cape all season long.

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  1. Casey@Good. Food. Stories.
    October 7, 2011 | 4:27 pm

    This is exactly why I’m so conflicted about capes… and if you don’t have a solution to the short, curvy gals/can’t bring a big bag with you problems, then I guess my cape lust must remain unrequited.

    • bryntaylor
      October 7, 2011 | 4:58 pm

      It’s so true, Casey – capes are nearly impossible for anyone with curves. A cinched waist makes it better, but still not ideal for everybody. and the over the shoulder strap issue KILLS me. i have too much crap to schlep around!


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