Reader Question: Which puffy coats won’t make me look dumpy?

This same question comes up every time winter rolls around. And rightly so. Puffy coats, while very warm, tend to make the wearer look like a Michelin tire.

Here’s what to look for when shopping for a figure-flattering puffer. One of the below elements will instantly make a puffy coat more attractive. If you can find a coat with two or three, well, even better.

1. BELT!

Belt = cinched waist = smaller-looking figure. Lots of puffers are now designed with belts, so you have a ton to choose from. Belting detail is especially good if you prefer a longer length.

2. Seaming detail.

Seams trick the eye into seeing wonderful things. For example, vertical seaming on puffy coats creates the illusion of a longer, leaner figure. Fine quilting achieves a similar effect.

3. A cool collar.

An interesting collar draws attention upward to an aspect of the coat you actually want to show off. Choose either a pillow collar or something trimmed in fur.

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