Reader Question: I need a laptop-appropriate bag!

Here’s another fab reader question from my Facebook page:

Ok- how to carry a 15″ laptop and look remotely put together? I’ve wasted waaaay too much time searching zappos and shopstyle. Don’t want to carry a backpack unless I’m rocking it Elaine Bennis style. And- last question. Can you carry a laptop bag AND a purse? #jobpromotionproblems

Oh, bags. So fun, yet so annoying. Personally, I am more of a ‘same bag for all occasions’ kind of gal. While I love bags as accessories, I find it easier to use one until I get bored of it, then switch over to another for the next several months.

That said, I often opt for huge bags that can fit it all. While it’s not necessarily wrong to carry a laptop bag and purse, it can become really burdensome. And god forbid you forget one somewhere. It’s more work to keep track of two bags, for sure. My advice is to seek out a large purse that can carry both your laptop and all of your purse-like things (wallet, keys, phone, extra pair of shoes, etc.).  AND DEFINITELY SKIP THE BACKPACK.

I’m really feeling the summery tote as an option for non-beach goings on. Think colors, stripes, and even straw. Sure, it’s a departure from your plain black leather ‘strictly for work’ kind of bag. But that’s a good thing! I find these totes to be both a great size for fitting a laptop, and also a fun way to add personality to your everyday look.

Below are some options:

Stripes go with almost anything. Freaky, but true. As summer approaches, you can go for either canvas or straw. Not just for the weekend anymore, I swear!

You can also try something with a bolder print. I love the outside pockets on this one.

If you’re not quite ready to go into prints, I recommend something with at least some detail. Like a colorful piping, or oversized closure.

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