How to Shop for: handbags

In order to find your perfect handbag, you have to look out for the following criteria:

1. Has lots of pockets.

Either on the inside or outside (or both), the bag you find should have multiple pockets so you’re not diving in to the bottomless pit to look for keys, phone, etc.

2. Passes the over-the-shoulder test.

The straps have be large enough not just to let you wear over your shoulder, but also to be able to one-handedly toss over your elbow then onto your shoulder in one fell swoop. I think we all know this procedure. And when trying this, keep in mind that in the winter you’ll have the extra layer of a coat.

3. Color can go with everything.

Find a color that matches everything and that you won’t get sick of seeing everyday. Black is always a safe option, but you can also try out a caramel color (my favorite), burgundy, or grey.

4. Is not too heavy.

I highly recommend leather since it’s durable and attractive, but make sure the bag itself doesn’t way a thousand pounds. I once bought a beautiful Marc Jacobs leather tote that fit all of the above criteria, but weighed a ton even before putting all my crap inside. So unfortunately I rarely use it, which turned out to be a huge waste of money.

Check out Michael Kors and Hobo International. I like their bags a lot, and you can usually find them in any big department store. Hobo has fewer pockets but makes bags in amazing shiny leather.


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