The blazer. And why we all need one (yep, even in summer)

Now that it’s toasty out on a regular basis, I’m sure the last thing you want to do is go out and purchase something with long sleeves. But hear me out! A well-fitting blazer is a perfect item to have in your closet for every season, including summer. It adds instant sharpness/polish/cool. A blazer can easily transform non-officey clothes into work-ready ensembles.  Just check out what it can do to a casual summer frock. Magical I tell you, simply magical.

So how do you find the perfect one? Is there even such a thing?

If you’re a blazer newbie, meaning you haven’t yet incorporated this piece into your wardrobe, you should start out with a classic fit. Then as you get more comfortable, you can venture into cropped and collarless territories.

Look for: single-breasted, 1 or 2 button style, slim cut that flares slightly at the hem (sometimes refered to as a ‘contour’ fit), and subtle shoulder pads. And roll the cuffs to make the whole look cooler.

I snapped this pic inside Ann Taylor after trying on this white blazer. I really loved it.

Below are some other gems:


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