Skinny clothes: to toss or to keep??

Image from Thinkstock via YouBeauty

A huge thanks to Dr. Oz’s YouBeauty for once again asking my advice for their latest article! In it, we talk about the concept of ‘skinny’ and ‘fat’ clothes. You know, those jeans that you can’t zip up right now, or that dress that’s currently 2 sizes too big? These clothes are doing more damage than you think they are. Not to be Captain Obvious here, but clothes are never just clothes. And when you’re dealing with sizes that don’t work for you, it can be really hard to face the task of getting dressed, let alone cultivating your style.

Check out the whole article here. They also speak to a psychologist to get the whole doctor-ey side of things.

And while you’re at it, browse the other YouBeauty pieces featuring TRS. I do love them so.

What are your thoughts on the whole skinny/fat clothes issue? Speak up in my comments section, or jump into the discussion on FB and Twitter.


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