Regarding sale racks…

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With the Black Friday/Cyber Monday fiasco upon us, I wanted to take a moment to discuss the whole idea of buying clothes on sale. So many of my clients–and friends, and family–tend to buy pieces purely because the price is so enticing. Then they get the item home, and it ends up sitting in their closets collecting dust for months, years, even decades. They rarely reach for this piece because every time they see it, they realize its most redeeming quality is its price tag, not its appearance.

Well, here’s the thing about that.

When you wear that not-so-great sweater, nobody knows you got it for 75% off. (Unless you tell them. But then you become THAT person who always brags about the price of what they’re wearing whenever they receive a compliment. You don’t want to be that person.) You are not walking around with a sign on your back stating how little you paid for that sweater. You’re just wearing a mediocre piece of clothing.

The sale rack is extremely intriguing. You might feel as if it possesses super powers that reel you in the moment you enter a store. I’ve been there, believe me.

So how can you break the cycle?

First of all, get in the habit of thoroughly examining an item before even looking at its price tag. Try it on and see how you look and feel in it. Then only after properly assessing pluses and minuses, should you check out the price. This will help you pay attention to what you’re buying instead of what you’re paying.

Also, start asking yourself: Would I pay full price for this? Do I love it that much? Is it THAT amazing? If you truly believe you would shell out hard-earned money to have this piece hanging in your closet, then by all means pull the trigger.

Now, I’m not saying don’t ever buy sale items again. Just make sure you love what you’re buying. The great price will then become an extra perk.

Keep these points in mind next time you’re scouring the clearance section. It may take some time. But I promise, if you re-train your shopping mind, it will pay off big time in the end.

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  1. mary
    November 22, 2011 | 1:51 am

    Thank you. Seriously. I am totally that person that immediately blurts out how much something I’m wearing costs whenever I get a compliment. What is with that? It is like I’m embarrassed that I fork over hard earned cash for clothes? Ok, I’m stopping. except, I just want to tell you that this H&M sweater I’m wearing cost $24.99. Ok, that’s it. done.

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