My big fat dress disaster

After several deep-breathing exercises, I’ve finally calmed down enough to share with you the story of my dress disaster.

I’m having a belated wedding reception this weekend, and keeping with my tradition of non-traditional everything, I opted for a fun cocktail dress over something white.

I came across a gorgeous vintage beaded dress while shopping downtown, and knew it would be perfect for the party. The only thing I didn’t love was the length, as it feel at my knee. Because of the long sleeves, I felt a shorter hem would create a more flirtatious, contemporary feel.

Since the dress is made of silk chiffon with super intricate beadwork all over, I knew getting it altered would cost a pretty penny. So when the store offered to send to their tailor for a small fee, I jumped at the chance.

A few days later, I got it home to find this:


The hem was completely uneven, buckled, and just plain wrong.


The back especially was much shorter than the front. Like, I can’t bend down even a quarter of an inch short.

Now the store was very apologetic and offered to send out to another tailor to repair (blah, blah, blah), but I wasn’t about to entrust another stranger with my already butchered dress.

I decided to bring to a friend’s tailor who specializes in this kind of work. What I should have done in the first place. The dress is still being worked on, and I should see the end result in a few days. I can send the bill to the store and have them take care of it, or I can put the whole thing to rest and just consider it a lesson learned. Either way, I wanted to share this experience to reiterate  a couple things:

1. Don’t skimp on price! If a piece is something special, don’t try to get a lower price on tailoring or altering. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

2. Trust your gut. If I had listened to the tiny voice in the back of my head saying I should bring to someone I know, then I would have saved a ton of time and money.

So, anyway, I will keep you posted on the outcome. In the meantime, I’ve placed this new tailor on speed dial. And found a back-up dress. You know, just in case.

[tweetmeme] 3 Responses to My big fat dress disaster
  1. Robin
    November 14, 2011 | 4:25 pm

    Ugh Poor Bryn. Hang in there. I have encountered so many similar disasters!! You’ll look great no matter what!

  2. Alicia
    November 14, 2011 | 6:27 pm

    Maybe the universe is telling you to wear white :)!! But all joking aside, I had the same thing happen to a dress I had store hemmed as well… it came back so short and uneven, I haven’t worn it even once :( Good advice Bryn!

  3. jenny
    November 16, 2011 | 12:18 am

    You’re still going to look fabulous regardless! So excited to celebrate :)

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