Mixing Metals: a do or a don’t?

One of my clients just posted this fantastic question on the TRS Facebook page:

I have an awesome, large-faced watch I wear that is silver… And as a teacher I find I definitely need to wear a watch! But a lot of my fun, funky jewelry is gold or gold-toned that I wear on a regular basis. Should I invest in a big-faced gold watch (or other type of watch) OR can i mix and match?

The answer is a big fat YES to the mix and match! If you already have a watch that you love, there’s no need to invest in a new one. The concept of matching all of your jewelry is as archaic as matching your shoes to your outfit. It just doesn’t need to be done.

I own a chunky men’s Michael Kors watch in silver, and I pair it with everything: gold, silver, bronze, and even bold colors. Even though I tend to buy more gold jewelry, I happen to think silver watches are just so sleek.

The mixture of metals, whether it’s right next to each other (like above), or simply a silver watch worn with a gold necklace, will always give your ensemble a more dynamic feel.

So save your money for other fun jewelry, and keep on flaunting that silver watch.. with everything!

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