The misbehaving maxi skirt

According to just about every summer fashion-related article/post/tweet/etc., the maxi skirt is thee perfect flaw-hider this season. I keep hearing over and over about how it’s flattering on all figures.

Well, not quite.

Yes, maxi skirts can be flattering, but it’s not just one single maxi style that does the trick. There are many different cuts and silhouettes out there, and only a select few of them will actually work on women with curves.

Allow me to demonstrate…

Scene: Marshall’s dressing room

Bottom half: mine


I tried on a bunch of maxi skirts that looked deceivingly similar. Long, black, cotton. It’s an easy mistake to make, thinking they will all fit the same way. But check out the pics of me in the first skirt. It does NOT fit.

Notice the unflattering pulling at the lower hips. This skirt makes me look larger than I actually am, which is something a garment of clothing should never do, let alone one that’s supposed to be forgiving.  (And completely unrelated, the sign above my butt is pretty randomly amazing, yes?)

Now on to skirt #2. Same size, same color, but totally different cut. This one (which I happily went home with) is a fuller, slightly flared style, which is KEY. Just look how smiley it makes me.

Straight up-and-down cuts can pull in places you don’t want highlighted. However, a skirt that goes out ever so slightly out from the waist all the way down to the hem will almost always make you look long, lean, and bulge-free.

Side-by-side butt pics just to drive the point across:

So remember, all maxis are not created equal. Ones with slightly fuller skirts will almost always trump those with a straight cut. Unless you have zero hips, then you don’t have a whole lot to worry about.


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