Let your wardrobe teach you (it’s smarter than you think)

When I work with clients, I often hear the same issues come up. They’re tired of their wardrobes, sick of spending so much money on useless clothes, frustrated with not knowing what styles work for their body types, and fed up with opening their closet doors to a sea of clothes and nothing to wear.

These feelings suck. I have been there, believe me. It’s not fun. BUT… drumroll…evolving your style comes with growing pains. And not only are the growing pains normal, but they can be helpful! You just have to learn how to learn from them (redundant-sounding, but true).

Coming up with a signature style, or at the very least knowing what works for you, takes a lot of work. And it is a process. And it can feel crappy. However, the mistakes are just as important as the homeruns. And that is my deep thought of the day: That pile of unworn, ‘bad’ clothing choices is not a waste, if you LEARN from it.

Remember those bizarre relationships you were in before you found ‘the one’, or those terrible post-college jobs you had before you found an amazing career? It took the bad times to help you understand what you do and don’t want. You have to go through the bad to understand and appreciate the good. And this applies to your wardrobe as well.

So next time you look at that bedazzled neon batwing top that still has the tags on it, don’t get depressed. Instead, take a moment to congratulate yourself on taking a risk and going out of your comfort zone. Then learn from it. Ask yourself: Why was I attracted to this at the time? What about it makes me not want to wear it? The more specific the better. Take notes if you have to!

Then you can confidently put it in the Goodwill pile. And move on.

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