Just in time for the rapture, your style ?s answered

During my recent closet cleaning session with Lady and the Blog, I was asked some really interesting style questions via Facebook from some of LATB’s readers. This inspired me to begin a regular Q&A every Friday. What the heck, right?

So start firing them at me one of two ways: like TRS on Facebook and post your questions there, or start following me on Twitter and tweet away!

To kick it off, here’s one of the questions from a Lady and the Blog reader (well, two questions actually but who’s counting).

What is the biggest mistake most women make when shopping for new clothes?

The biggest mistake women make when shopping is forgetting to think of themselves! They choose things that they believe they are supposed to be wearing. Maybe they read about it on a fashion blog, or heard all their friends raving about it. Whatever the case may be, it doesn’t necessarily mean this ‘in’ item is right for you. So what if jeggings are the latest trend? If you know you will NEVER feel good in them, then don’t persuade yourself into making the purchase. Instead, take a step back and choose cuts and styles that sincerely work for you and your body. And if you don’t know what those are, then get some help. It will save you a ton of time and money in the long run to learn how to shop the right way.

And, if you could pick only 5 things that every woman should have in her closet what would they be?

Obviously, every woman is different when it comes to her personal style, but there are some key items that can enhance all types of wardrobes. The five things most every woman will benefit from having in her closet are:

1. A black blazer. This little miracle worker can make any piece–from a casual floral dress to a pair of jeans and a simple tee–look automatically more polished and structured.

2. White pants. White pants (or jeans) will match nearly everything in your wardrobe–winter AND summer. The bright white looks equally chic with black, bold colors, or fun patterns. More modern than khakis and more exciting than black.

3. White button-down. This is another one of those pieces that will add instant polish to your look. The classic cut will never go out of style, and the subtle structure flatters all bust sizes.

4. A go-to cocktail dress. This does not have to mean an expensive cocktail dress, just one that appears that way. Having this in your closet at all times will keep a last-minute dressy occasion from giving you a panic attack over having nothing to wear.

5. Dark blue jeans. Shopping for jeans stinks. But when you find the right pair, it’s like a little slice of style heaven. Look for a dark wash, as this is easier to bring into dressier situations. It doesn’t matter the style—skinny, wide-leg, flared—as long as they make you feel good.


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