How do I wear butt-covering tops?

Before I sign off for my fun-filled 4th of July staycation, here’s a great question from a reader:

How do I wear butt-covering tops? What should I pair them with so I don’t look weird and shapeless?

Ah, how I love a good butt-covering top. It’s a great solution for those of us (myself included) who are self-conscious of our behinds hanging out for the world to see. And this doesn’t necessarily mean we’re trying to cover our butts because we think they’re big and lumpy. It’s just kind of a security blanket, I guess. Maybe I subconsciously live in fear of having my underwear lines showing, or sitting in gum or something.

So, how does one wear a BCT without resembling a shapeless sack?

First, the top has to be the right kind. It shouldn’t be too fitted, or else it will start to hug you down the body in all the wrong places. Find one that has some flow to it, but preferably still has a straight cut. Keep away from trapeze or severely A-line tops, as these can make you look pregnant. Now if you are pregnant, these are great!

The top shouldn’t fall too long. Yes, there is such a thing as a BCT being too long, in which case, it can make you look shorter than you are. The magical length is just below the widest part of your lower hips. If you have no hips, then aim to have it fall only a few inches below your crotch. This will highlight the skinniest part of your leg, while still covering your butt. This also magically makes your legs look longer.

Balance out the volume of the top by wearing slim pants on the bottom. Opt for skinny jeans, or slim-cut ankle pants. If you’re a shorts person, you can also experiment with a skinny Bermuda, or even a higher short that peeks out from under the top.

Lastly, don’t forget the lovely butt-covering perks of the right kind of blazer. Even in the summer! A good blazer can fall over the butt just enough to make you appear slimmer. And if you want to combine a BCT and a blazer, go ahead! If the top falls a bit lower than the bottom of the blazer, don’t worry. That’s totally acceptable.

I’m off until the 5th – have a great holiday, and be sure to send, Facebook, or tweet me any style questions you may have!


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