Coats! Help! Part 2

Last week, A lovely TRS reader had some valid coat concerns regarding length and color. I gave some pointers on appropriate lengths in my last post, and here’s my answer to her color conundrum below:

Also, how do you incorporate a funky or colored coat into a wardrobe – I don’t have one because it seems too frightening! 

It’s no joke that colored or patterned coats can be a scary concept. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a few exciting coats in your winter arsenal! They don’t have to be everyday fixtures, but something you can wear a few times a week to cheer up your cold-weather state of mind.
Here are a few pointers on how to incorporate a fun coat into your winter look:
1. Choose a color that’s one off of a bright hue. Instead of fire engine red, try a deep brick. Mustard instead of sunshine yellow. Eggplant instead of Barney purple. You get the point. Bold colors are fun, but if you’re easing into them, their calmer siblings are the way to start.
2. Make sure the cut of the coat is classic, with few bells and whistles. If the color is going to be the statement, then you don’t want a crazy shape or exaggerated accents to take away from that.
3. Keep your appendages muted. Any part of your body/ensemble that can be seen should remain in a more neutral hue. Think black tights, grey trousers, brown boots, cream scarf, etc. You always want to complement a color with subdued tones. If you want to try a patterned scarf, opt for something small, like a mini houndstooth.
4. Make your statement coat your every-OTHER-day outerwear. In other words, it shouldn’t be worn every single day. You’re sure to get sick of it–as will everyone else who sees you.
In the case of patterned coats, the guidelines are basically the same. Instead of a large pattern, start off with something smaller. Complement with solid, muted tones, and bust it out on a semi-irregular basis to keep your winter look fresh and funky.

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  1. Robin
    December 24, 2011 | 6:38 pm

    THANKS, BRYN! Great advice!!

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