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Who is The Re-Stylist’s target client?

She is the woman who has become less than thrilled with her everyday look. She no longer has the time or energy to dedicate to her style. She has a closet full of clothes and only wears one or two items every day. Her body has changed from previous years and she doesn’t know how to shop for it. She wants to learn how to use more items in her closet. She often feels confused, annoyed, and overlooked by mainstream fashion.

What areas does The Re-Stylist serve?

As of December 2011, The Re-Stylist serves both the New York metropolitan area and the San Francisco Bay area.

Why should I spend the money on a professional stylist? 

Think of it as a smart business investment. By spending the money for help now, you will save big time in the long run. You will gain fresh insight into how to mix and match your own closet. You’ll also learn to shop the RIGHT way, and will no longer waste money on clothes that aren’t a fit for you. Plus, the peace of mind you gain from feeling chic and confident will prove invaluable.

What if I can’t afford new clothes?

The Re-Stylist offers three levels of service, which means if you prefer not to spend money on buying new clothes, Bryn can come to your home and create amazing outfits from what you already own.

Do I have to go shopping with Bryn?

Nope. If shopping’s not your thing, then Bryn can absolutely do it for you and present you with several options. You then have the choice to keep or return any item.

What happens to the clothes we get rid of?

You can either make a tax-deductible donation to a local thrift store, hand them over for consignment, or try your luck on eBay. Bryn will gladly go over these choices with you and guide you through the process.

Can I hire Bryn for specific occasions?

Yes! If you have a special event coming up and need help creating the perfect look, you can contact Bryn for a one-time service.

What about hair and makeup tips?

The Re-Stylist focuses specifically on wardrobe re-vamping, but if you have questions about hair and makeup, Bryn is happy to go over the basics with you and recommend trusted professionals in those fields.