Tip day

Today’s issue: handbag storage (inspired by an impromptu trip to The Container Store)

Yes, sometimes I make a rando visit to The Container Store (a.k.a. MECCA) just to decompress. Hey, cheaper than yoga.

While wandering aimlessly, awash in serene bliss, I came across some nifty new ideas for keeping handbags in order!

I’m all about finding stuff you can hang either inside your closet or on the back of a door. After all, if you live in a pint-sized NY apartment, you really have no other options (the stove, maybe).

The above strip thing has clasped tabs to hold the handles of your bags. And it’s kinda cute, no?

Something else I liked was the idea of a shelf divider. They’re like filing cabinets for your purses. You can either go with single ones that attach to a shelf, or get creative and find a whole unit to turn on its side.

For the more anal-retentive types (I feel your pain – handbags can cost more than a year of college tuition), there’s the above option. This organizes, while also protecting the bags from dust, scratches, etc. You can also pre-wrap your purses in dust bags, and place a Polaroid of the bag inside the plastic for identification.


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