Saturday cleaning house

Off to Beacon’s Closet today to try to sell some clothes that didn’t make my latest closet cut. Beacon’s is a clothing exchange store in Brooklyn where you can receive cash on the spot for items they deem appropriate to sell in their store. This is a nice option if you want to get some money for clothes you’re ready to get rid of.  You can also go the consignment route, but they won’t give you money right away.

So, off I go with my stash–a few clutches that I like but haven’t used in over a year, a bridesmaid dress, an old Halloween costume, a too-tight pair of jeans (see ya!), and a raincoat that looks exactly like one I already have.

Ah, I feel better already.

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  1. Steam
    May 28, 2011 | 9:50 pm

    That’s nice of you.

    Another good thing you can do with old clothes is just donate them.

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