Feeling bad about the toss pile

I will be re-posting from TRS’s archives throughout the week. This post first appeared in May 2011.

During my last closet cleaning session, the client expressed to me her feelings of guilt over getting rid of so much stuff. I hear this A LOT, and understandably so. You spent all this money on a few items that you’ve never worn, and now you’re just going to give them away.

I advise my clients to think of it this way: the money is already gone. It’s a done deal. You’re not going to magically make that cash back by having an item you never wear take up coveted real estate in your closet. By getting rid of it, you have the benefit of not only freeing up room, but also eliminating that annoying daily reminder of how you spent your shopping dollars.

You can also consider this a really great learning tool. Before putting in the donate bag, take a moment to look at the item and remember your thought process when you first picked it up in the store. For example, did you think, this is not my style, but it’s the trend right now so I should have it? Take mental notes, so next time you’re in the store and something trendy catches your eye, you’ll remember how this didn’t work out so well the first time.

In the end, tossing items you know in your heart are meant to go will free up your closet, conscience, and ultimately your wallet as you learn to make better choices in the future. And keep in mind that you’re getting rid of stuff you DON’T wear, not stuff you do.

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  1. Andrea
    May 23, 2011 | 6:12 pm

    SO true!

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