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Pacific Heights Residence traditional closet

Do you know about I’ve mentioned it before when discussing jewelry storage options. It’s a great site (and app!) for interior design ideas. I came upon this post on ideal closet situations for the serious fashionista. While a luxurious walk-in is a fantasy to most, there are some good guidelines that those of us with barely a foot of closet space can abide by.

Here are the things you really do need:

Full-length mirror.

If you don’t own one, you should. Even if you are going through the ‘I don’t want a full-body shot of me right now’ phase, it’s still crucial that you get the head-to-toe glance of your ensemble before anyone else does. Think of it as a safety precaution. You have to make sure there isn’t anything stuck to the seat of your pants before the dude behind you on the street is obligated to point it out. To his friends.


The post mentions natural light as the ideal source, which is true. However, if you can’t achieve that, then get a bunch of lamps for different areas of your bedroom. And be sure to put one either in or near your closet so you can look at your clothes clearly every day.

Overall organization.

Whether this is achieved by a carpeted walk-in or some Container Store add-ons, keep the organization going. It will help with morning stress.

Shoe and jewelry display.

I’ve already discussed the importance of seeing your bling, but it’s also crucial to see and access your shoes easily. The freestanding shelf is a good idea, as is an over-the-door organizer. If you like to keep shoes in their boxes, then consider taking a Polaroid of the shoe and taping to the outside of the box.


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