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A huge chunk of change!

Well it’s finally happening.

After nearly a year of planning (whew), I am so very proud to announce big-time changes at the The Re-Stylist.

Many of my clients have reached a point in their lives where their old way of dressing just isn’t representing who they are anymore. They still feel connected to their likes and dislikes in terms of style, but want to evolve into a better, more grown-up version of that. Through trial and error, they have come to acknowledge and embrace what works for them and what doesn’t.

I have come to that point myself. Not in a style sense, but in a business sense. After operating as The Re-Stylist for two years, and helping so many incredible people along the way, I have decided it’s time for my business to have a makeover of its own.

And the first part of that makeover is a new name. Yep! We are changing from The Re-Stylist to:

Bryn Taylor Personal Style Management


Along with this, we have…

  • shiny new websiteI worked with a super creative team to bring you a gorgeous new site. It’s leaner, more functional, and just plain cooler-looking. Find us at
  • A video! (Well, technically two.) Catch a glimpse into the world of Bryn at work, starring actual clients. Get excited. You can preview the teaser video below, and find the full-length version on the new site.

  • A virtual stylingservice that anyone can benefit from. This is perfect for people who want wardrobe help but don’t live in my service areas. Alternatively, it’s an ideal get-to-know-me option if you want to test the waters before diving into in-person help.
  • Newsletter-only style tips. You will still be able to access old blog posts on this site, but going forward, I will be sharing my style tips exclusively through my newsletter. So be sure to sign up (if you’re already on my current list, there’s no need to sign up again), and forward to any friends who might be interested.

A huge thanks to my readers, clients, co-workers, and friends. I feel all grown-up.

photo and video by Ashley Batz


Spring blazer alternatives for those who don’t want structure all year round

Anyone who has worked with me, seen me, or browsed my blog knows I have a pre-occupation with blazers. If I had to choose one item of clothing to wear for the rest of my life, it would be a blazer, and maybe a bra. In fact, I love them so much, when I have a fancy schmancy occasion coming up, I rarely shop for a new dress. Instead I splurge on a dynamite blazer. That said, we all know the benefits (structure! camouflage!) the blazer provides. But I often get asked how to do a blazer when the weather warms up, and you don’t feel like wearing a fitted, structured piece. You can definitely go the linen and lightweight fabric route, but another way to think about it is in terms of spring silhouettes. Looser, more fluid pieces can achieve the layering brilliance of a blazer but with a slightly more laid-back / warm-weather ready twist.

Zara oversized women's blazer


I freaking love this Zara loose, oversized blazer for spring. It goes against every grain of my being to advocate on behalf of something with such little structure, BUT this gem manages to maintain a polished look. You could even do it over a fitted dress for warm-weather cocktails.

eileen fisher silk jacket


This Eileen Fisher silk jacket is also a really cool blazer alternative. It’s made from a cotton and silk blend, and the addition of the pointed hem in front is genius. It uses angles to create the illusion of structure.

Vince lightweight twill blazer

I wanted to include one more typical blazer, and this Vince lightweight twill captures a preppy feel while being totally chill and easy.

Joie silk bomber jacketFrench connection black petal bomber jacket

Last but not least, there’s the bomber. I was on the fence about this of-the-moment piece until, well, last night when I bought one. The silk bombers are actually quite beautiful and airy. A nice, fresh shape if you need a break from lapels. I’m loving the Joie mint one and French Connection’s petal bomber (which is the one I took home).

And for all things layered, follow my boards on Pinterest. It’s one of the few social media platforms I actually look forward to using.

Color in January (or, how to fake a bright mood)

Yes, we all probably feel like donning black and grey as we ride out the nasty that is the month of January. I’m with ya. But maybe, just maybe, a pop of color here and there can have some sort of anti-SAD effect? I was completely inspired by a recent client to re-introduce some color into my winter wardrobe. And I think we should all to the same! But if you’re not usually a color person come winter, here are some baby steps you can take that won’t make it so glaring.


An obvious way to inject a pop of color is to go the bright coat, scarf or gloves route (a la Michelle). This is perfectly fine, but if you’re looking for some another way to do it, I suggest busting out your colored bag usually reserved for spring. This spot of color will look fierce next to a canvas of blacks and other neutrals. All winter I’ve been carrying around this bad boy, and it instantly livens up all of my dark winter looks.


image from

image from

image from

image from


For indoors looks, I love the idea of a single colorful garment among blacks, greys, and whites. Instead of falling back on the easy colored top/black pants safety net, try a bold skirt or pants, or even a bright three-quarter sleeved top under a darker dress.  Below are two ideas I suggested to a recent client…

IMG_2581bold skirt

And remember, you can always do a colorful shoe, belt, or piece of jewelry too. Whatever gets you through the ice cold day. :)



Here’s the thing with high black boots (part two)

Following up on the heeled high boot talk I started a little while ago, let’s discuss what to look for when seeking out a flat high boot.

Flat boots can be taken through February, March, and even into April/early May, depending on your weather situation. I strongly (strongly!) suggest you do not go the boots/bare legs route, as I have seen it happen and it’s not pretty. Flat boots are most successful when paired with slim jeans or leggings-style pants. You can do them with a skirt, but unlike heeled boots, not every skirt or dress will work. Pencil skirts, sheath dresses, and more fitted work-like wear is best paired with a bit of a heel. More casual, fluid skirts can work with a flat boot.

And if you choose a timeless style, they will be your best friend every fall and winter for years to come! A super solid investment.

As I mentioned with heeled boots, fit is king. The boots should FIT YOU. This may sound like a duh, but it’s a point that people tend to overlook way too often. Make sure the calf is neither too tight nor too loose. It should be form-fitting without cutting off circulation. And keep the ankle slouching to a minimum.

Here are a few of my faves:

tory burch black riding boots

Tory Burch does a great riding style boot. When going the riding route, think minimal detail. Too many bells, whistles, buckles, and straps will make the boot look busy and cheap. And nobody wants to look busy and cheap.


For something a little more laid back, look to Madewell. These boots offer a hint of western style while remaining cool and relaxed.

corso como boots

And for those purists out there, I love the simplicity of Corso Como‘s boot. It’s simple but not boring. Clean, structured, and expensive-looking (without being so).

Packing for Paris

I’m off today to Barcelona and Paris! So freakin’ excited. Before I go, I wanted to share what I packed for the trip. I tried to go pretty minimal, as I plan on buying a crapload at the amazing vintage shops, flea markets, and that too-cool Kooples store.

The weather’s going to be a tad warmer in Barcelona, but still not super hot. Some essentials I’m bringing are:

-leather jacket (this can be worn as outerwear, or even over a dress for dinner)

-small bag (great for walking around the cities)

-scarves (for layering, and pops of color!)

-walking shoes (because I plan to walk a TON)

-casual pants (I’m bringing some different types, but one of my faves is this olive green pair – such a unique neutral)

-stripes (because stripes are French, right?)

-chambray shirt (to throw on over jeans, or tie around long dresses)

I’ll also be packing a trench, blazer, dresses, cardigan, night shoes, a few blouses, necklace or two, and my big watch.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook for updates from the trip! And check out my tips on packing for a tropical getaway if you plan on heading out of town too.

California Dreamin’

I’m headed to California (half work, half play) until Monday. Not Palm Springs, though. I just liked the postcard.

Have a great weekend!



Yeah, so I started a Tumblr blog. Why? Because I wanted a place to post all the seemingly random pics, videos, and stuff that I come across but don’t necessarily know what to do with, other than file it away in my brain. Think of it as a giant TRS inspiration board. In blog form.

Check it out at!

I promise you won’t find any regurgitated content from this blog there, nor will you find any helpful advice, really. I would stick around here for that.

Oh wow flowers, thanks a lot

Mother’s Day is pretty much here already, and while flowers are always a boring nice option, how about going the unexpected route and giving mom the gift of a personal styling session?? Brilliant, I say.

Now through Sunday only, I am offering 15% off any one of my services. This includes everything from a basic closet clean to a total wardrobe overhaul.

It’s the perfect last-minute-but-doesn’t-look-that-way gift for moms living in the tri-state area. Check out details in my Services section, or contact me directly at

Remember, flowers die, but a new outlook on your wardrobe lives FOREVER, people.

Just had to share…

I just received this thank you letter in the mail from one of my clients*, and it was so incredibly nice, I had to share.


*FYI, this particular client is not over 40. But she’s still fabulous.