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iNDie talks with Nicole Delger


I’m psyched to announce my recent interview with brand advisor, Nicole Delger, is now up on her site! A little while ago, I sat down with Nicole to chat about the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur, and what challenges I’ve faced along the way. In a nutshell, this journey has been nothing like I expected, which is certainly not a bad thing. And I’ll say for certain, in the (almost) three years I’ve had this business, there has never been a dull moment. :)

This video also marks the first time I’m announcing big changes that are in the works around here. The biggest of all being a NEW NAME. Very scary to say out loud, but come the new year, we will be rolling out a brand new website and business name. Much more on this as we finalize the steps in the coming months.

In the meantime, check out the video here.

Oscars 2013: Another year, another batch of dresses to critique

You guys rock for keeping the Oscar style commentary afloat on the TRS Facebook page last night as I was mid-air and sans wifi. Looks like Jessica Chastain was a fan favorite, with Anne Hathaway’s nipples coming in not far behind.

I’ve had a chance to pour over pics from last night’s awards, and here’s what I think. My best-dressed accolades go to Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence, Kerry Washington, and….. Jane Fonda!

Charlize Theron oscars gownjennifer lawrence

Both Charlize and Jennifer looked polished and perfect in Dior without overdoing it with big bling or messy details. Yes, JLawr’s dress was pouffy, but the neckline and color made for an elegant choice.

kerry washington

Kerry Washington’s Miu Miu just seemed like a fresh departure from standard red carpet fare, without trying too hard. And I appreciate that.

Jane Fonda

Lastly–and I know I’ll catch flak for this–I adored Jane Fonda’s Versace look! It was a bit Dynasty, I get it. BUT it was well-fitted, sexy without being slutty, and edgy in a fun way. Plus it had sleeves. I loved it.

Unfortunately, I just can’t get onboard the Chastain train. I think she always looks fine, but just not amazing. I don’t know. She bothers me. Maybe it’s something I need to work out with my therapist.

And btw, I don’t think enough praise/attention is paid to the dresses that show up to the after parties. Some of them I liked better than the awards gowns. Check out the Pinterest board I created to showcase my faves. What do you think?



Just let the Spanx be, people.


One of my favorite snarky gossip sites, Gawker, recently ran a post about Spanx. They had two of their writers (one female, one male) attend a showcase of the brand’s Fall 2013 line, and offer up their thoughts. The lady writer compared Spanx to a” Thundershirt for your thunder thighs”, going on to tongue-in-cheekly point out that “Spanx combine the appearance of a slightly trimmer body with the effort of lying on the couch eating bon-bons”. Sure she was being very Gawker-y (read: 90% sarcastic) with her observations, but the overall opinion was that Spanx were cool. The man writer , however, had another point of view, insisting that Spanx are inherently deceitful, anti-feminist, and send the message” ‘I am painfully insecure about my body, but please, by all means, f** me.’ ”

Oh lordie.

While I know this review was done mostly in jest, I can’t help but be reminded of the Spanx-related rage that boiled up inside of me years ago when I was the managing editor of SheFinds. I wrote this piece in response to a NY Observer writer’s tirade on how Spanx are dumb, and de-sexualize women, and should be banished. He’s a man.

I said it then and I will say it now. I believe Spanx benefit women who want to look more seamless (literally) in clothes that are often unforgiving. Spanx won’t make you lose 10 pounds instantly and we know that. But they will smooth out our silhouettes nicely, get rid of panty lines, and even band-aid the occasional muffin top. Yes, the shapewear line has gone a bit overboard with swimwear and lingerie. We don’t need to be lycra happy all the time with every facet of our wardrobes. However, when us gals do want a little help, Spanx are there for us if we so choose. I get my panties in a bunch whenever someone–male or female–passes judgement on why women choose to wear what they do. I know PLENTY of super confident, kickass women who wear Spanx. And none of them are insecure about their bodies. Plus, I agree with Caity Weaver that the compression does make me feel a little like I’m being hugged all day. I secretly love it. Until I have to use the bathroom, but that’s a whole other conversation.

What do you think about Spanx? Do you wear them? What purpose do they serve for you? Share your Spanx sentiments!

My new year’s resolutions to YOU


Instead of forcing my way through a paleo diet or P90X workout (yikes), I’ve decided to go an entirely different route when it comes to resolutions. For 2013, I’m making a list of resolutions that apply to you, my awesome, fabulous reader. I am so grateful to have someone other than myself visit this site on a regular basis. It means a whole lot to me. So, to show my appreciation AND get some resolutions jumpstarted in the process, I’ve come up with a promise list for 2013. Here it goes.

In 2013, I promise to:

GO WITH QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. I will still be posting regularly, but the posts are going to be better, chunkier, funner, and more informative. I don’t want to waste your time or mine with fluff. You can find that stuff on every other blog, right?

GET TECHY. I’ve already signed up for a ton of classes in the new year that will help my right-brained brain get more tech savvy. This will apply to resolution 1 as well. Think prettier pictures, videos, podcasts, and all that 21st century stuff.

BECOME FRIENDS WITH FACEBOOK. Sure I have the obligatory Twitter and Facebook. But I have to be honest, the social media world is not my strongpoint. Rather than just posting more OMG I love this, or did you read this, I want to cultivate a true online community where we can all go and have cool things to talk about.

GIVE YOU MORE EYE CANDY! In the new year, I will be re-vamping my site to offer you something prettier to look at. Goodbye black and white, hello color!

OFFER TRANSPARENCY. The world of personal styling can seem so weirdly elusive, which is annoying. In 2013, I want to put it all out there. I’ve started with putting more detail into my services page, so you know what you’re getting up front. This includes prices. Yes, you can see how much I cost right there in a click. (Eek!) I’ll also be developing a regular feature on the blog called ‘confessions of a personal stylist’, where I’ll discuss all the crap I go through when I’m shopping for and dressing myself. It’s not always a walk in the park. And perhaps most importantly, I will be giving more nuggets of styling wisdom away for free. Stay tuned to the blog for more info on that.

So here’s to 2013, the year of keeping it real. And interesting. And fun.

Do you have any suggestions that you’d like to see implemented on the blog/social media sites? Let me know! And like TRS on Facebook to get in on that whole number 3 thing I talked about above. :)

JCPenney backtracks, offers sales, won’t admit to it, confuses everybody

Remember that whole we’re totally done with sales forevah! jazz from JCPenney? Yeah, well they were just kidding. Sort of. We think. Apparently, Penney’s is now back in the discount saddle, offering clearance markdowns and friends and family coupons. This coming after a less than stellar reception of their no-sale policy last year.

So I have some thoughts.

First, I’m not surprised that the ‘everyday low price’ thingy hasn’t been successful. We live in a society where the psychology of sales runneth deep. We need a sale. We crave a sale. Everybody loves a deal. But as things stand right now, those deals need to be presented to us in this get ’em now, hurry up, limited time only kind of way. People need to feel as if they’re scoring something that not everybody else is. When you offer a low price for the masses, then, um,  where’s the fun in that?

I believe the sale culture is getting out of hand. And I see firsthand the effects of buying stuff because it’s on sale. People’s closets–and lives–are overrun by stuff they bought solely because it was on sale. There’s something wrong with that. Isn’t there?

Time will only tell if Penney’s can find their secret sauce. Looks like they’re going to try and marry low prices to regular sales. Basically, becoming Kohl’s.

What do you think? Are you more likely to shop JCP now that sales have kind of returned? Does price always dictate what you buy?

H&M to be a goodwill of sorts come 2013


The latest news from H&M is verrrry interesting. Come February 2013, select stores will start accepting donations of used clothing in exchange for store discounts. They call it their Global Recycling Program,  and according to the press release, stores will accept “any pieces of clothing, from any brand, and in any condition … In return, the customer will receive a voucher for each bag of clothing donated.”  The point, I believe, is to ultimately recycle the unwanted garments to create fabric for new clothes.

Okay, so I like this and I don’t.

It’s a step in the right direction. I hope.  And it’s nice that they’ll accept pretty much anything. However, the ‘prize’ for taking your stuff in is basically an incentive to buy more crap. Not that I’m anti-H&M, but I am not the biggest fan of fast fashion in general. I understand the benefits of making fashion accessible to everyone, and I do enjoy perusing the racks of their stores for inexpensive versions of trends I’d otherwise not spend big money on. But with that access comes excess. And the whole fast fashion/designer collaboration beast has gotten way out of hand. A friend and fellow stylist, Bridgette Raes, has some great thoughts on the matter here.

What do ya think? Will this will help stores be less wasteful? Will you bring in your old clothes instead of hauling to Goodwill?


New Stuff’s A Comin’

Hello lovers! You may have noticed my absence from the blog in the last couple months. No, I didn’t give up styling, but I did unplug for a while in order to develop/figure out some biz stuff.

I’m back now, and I got some newzzz…

First of all, the not-so-fab announcement. As many of you know, I re-located a year ago to San Francisco. The move was for family reasons (translation: spouse got a sweet new job), and I had been hoping to make my business bi-coastal. Well, after 11 months of traveling back and forth, I have come to the decision that for the sake of my own sanity and that of everyone involved, I will be limiting my New York services to three times a year starting in 2013. So what does this mean? First, it does NOT mean that I am no longer servicing New Yorkers. I love all of my current East coast clients, and will still be welcoming new ones! However, it’s going to be on a first-come first-serve basis. If you want to have access to my upcoming New York availability, I will be announcing both on Facebook and the blog in the coming weeks.

As for Bay Area dwellers, man, are you in luck. Business will go on usual, and I will be at your beck and call.

Annndddd….drumroll… now for my super-awesome announcement. I’m pregnant! HA JUST KIDDING. FAMILY, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, THAT WAS A JOKE. No for reals, come the new year, The Re-Stylist will be offering a virtual smorgasbord of online services. This means that anybody anywhere will have access to my styling help. The new offerings and all the juicy details will be available starting in January.

That’s all for now. I’m back on the blog posting regularly, so come back and visit. And stay tuned for all the deets!



Those fabulous Paris fleas..

Hello! After an absolutely fantastic couple weeks away, I am back and in full work mode. I had an insanely wonderful time in France, and wanted to write about some of my experiences. I won’t go nuts with travel posts, but there are a few things I thought would be fun to share. First up.. my experience with the Paris flea markets!

Basically, they are LEGENDARY. And as someone who adores old crap, I was so psyched to visit and sift through a ton of dusty, random stuff.

Alas, I’m horrible at researching anything, and therefore wasn’t sure which flea was best. I did download an app that offered some tidbits, but other than that I was kind of lost.

Then fate intervened. I went on a food tour the 2nd day of the trip, and met a wonderful woman who happens to be the author of a book all about the markets of Paris. Her name is Marjorie R. Williams, and she just came out with the 2nd edition of Markets of Paris, a guide to all the markets in the city. YESSSS.

Of course I picked Marjorie’s brain on which markets I needed to visit. She offered up two suggestions for antiques, jewelry, and random treasures: Clignancourt and Porte de Vanves.

I managed to get to one of the two. And it was lovely.

We went to Clignancourt in the 18th arrondissement. It actually has like 20 names, or so it seemed to me. You’ll also hear it called Saint-Ouen, or le marche aux Puces de Saint-Ouen. (BTW.. puce means ‘flea’ in French. And it’s super fun to say.)

It was different than I thought it would be, but not necessarily in a bad way. I pictured makeshift tables set up alongside the sidewalk, à la your typical rummage sale, but this was definitely not the case. They had permanent stalls set up within private markets. These particular ones are open on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays.

We went on a Monday, which had its pros and cons. On the plus side, there were definitely no crowds to fight. But on the other hand, a lot of the booths were closed. And we got the distinct impression that the booth owners opened when they felt like it. It was well past 11:30 and a lot of the booths were just getting set up. C’est la vie or whatever. There was still plenty to see. I actually preferred the quieter feel of a weekday. But I tend to be socially anxious, so there’s that.


Basically, tons of knick-knacks and antiques jammed into tiny booths. I LOVED it. And a lot of the booths resembled actual living rooms. (Borderline hoarders’ rooms, but charming nonetheless.)

Each puce within the Clignancourt market was categorized in a different way. One was dedicated to furniture, another to books, etc. However, there was a hodge-podge of everything inside most of the booths, so it’s worth it to check out as much as you can.

We spent the majority of the time in the Vernaison puce, which is one of the closer ones to the metro stop.

There, they had a ton of random jewelry, postcards, albums, and these really fun vintage keychains.

Next time I go, I am definitely checking out the other market Marjorie suggested. And if you’re planning a big fat French trip, check out Marjorie’s book… it’s chock full of incredible tips on all markets: food, antiques, books, you name it. While you’re at it, check out her story on how she got involved in creating the book. It’s seriously inspiring!

I took TONS of pics of all things flea.. too much to put into one post. So please visit my Facebook page to view my lovely album des puces. :)

A fab collab!

I’m super excited to announce an upcoming collaboration with Cut The Clutter, an amazing professional organizing company based in NYC!

Here’s a little more about the company and its founder, Natalie:

Cut The Clutter, NYC’s premier professional organizing company, has been helping city-dwellers to maximize space in their often tiny abodes for three and a half years. Overflowing closets/cabinets?  Stacks of papers?  Feeling suffocated in your own home? Let CTC ease your organizing woes!  Natalie Schrier, CTC’s President & Founder, will custom tailor an organizing solution for your existing space (plus or minus a few products), work hands on with you to implement the system, and then give you tips for maintaining your newly fabulous space so that you stay on an organized path.
Natalie is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, and services Manhattan and its surrounding area. To schedule a complimentary in-home consultation, please email her at “Like” CTC’s page on Facebook ( to see organizing tips, product recommendations and more.
I’m not revealing everything right now, but stay tuned for the details on this unique collaboration. Trust me, you’ll be both organized and chic just in time for spring. I mean, it doesn’t get much better than that.

JCPenney and their whole new non-sale thing

So, my sale standby, JCPenney, is in the midst of a system overhaul. (Did you catch those Ellen commercials?) Not only are they renovating stores, but they’ve completely re-vamped their pricing system as well. Penney’s used to be known for crazy coupon insanity, but now they are experimenting with throwing that concept to the curb and providing everyday low prices instead. They kind of already did that, but apparently the prices are even lower now.

A few weeks ago, I ventured to a JCP near my hometown in NJ. Karen accompanied me on the adventure, as she knows more than I do (and probably more than a lot of Penney’s employees) about the whole change.

Upon arrival, I did notice a subtle difference in the appearance of the store. Things were cleaner, and there was far less clutter. Overstuffed clearance racks were long gone. The MNG by Mango section was particularly fancified, complete with black chandeliers and boldly clad mannequins.

I also noticed the price callouts on each rack advertising this ‘best price’ thing.

Karen chatted up a salesperson who was able to offer more insight into the new non-sale structure. She said that they’re offering these deal days of sorts on the 1st and 3rd friday of every month. The rest of the time, the prices are just supposed to be low. And she mentioned that only about 5% of the customers aren’t happy with the new way of JCP life… and they’re the old people. (Her words, not mine.)

The ticketed prices did seem lower than they used to be, and it was refreshing to shop in a calmer environment without a pocketful of potentially expired coupons.

I took home this drapey white blazer from JonesWear, which I thought looked pretty great. (P.S… they still need to work on the state of their dressing rooms, as the one I shared with Karen–she’s the ghostlike blur in the background–was underwhelming to say the least.) Oh, and the jacket was $60. Yes, pricey for JCPenney. But the quality was actually fantastic.

Have you shopped at the new Penney’s? Do you prefer the non-sale thing or do you miss the old pricing system?