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Just let the Spanx be, people.


One of my favorite snarky gossip sites, Gawker, recently ran a post about Spanx. They had two of their writers (one female, one male) attend a showcase of the brand’s Fall 2013 line, and offer up their thoughts. The lady writer compared Spanx to a” Thundershirt for your thunder thighs”, going on to tongue-in-cheekly point out that “Spanx combine the appearance of a slightly trimmer body with the effort of lying on the couch eating bon-bons”. Sure she was being very Gawker-y (read: 90% sarcastic) with her observations, but the overall opinion was that Spanx were cool. The man writer , however, had another point of view, insisting that Spanx are inherently deceitful, anti-feminist, and send the message” ‘I am painfully insecure about my body, but please, by all means, f** me.’ ”

Oh lordie.

While I know this review was done mostly in jest, I can’t help but be reminded of the Spanx-related rage that boiled up inside of me years ago when I was the managing editor of SheFinds. I wrote this piece in response to a NY Observer writer’s tirade on how Spanx are dumb, and de-sexualize women, and should be banished. He’s a man.

I said it then and I will say it now. I believe Spanx benefit women who want to look more seamless (literally) in clothes that are often unforgiving. Spanx won’t make you lose 10 pounds instantly and we know that. But they will smooth out our silhouettes nicely, get rid of panty lines, and even band-aid the occasional muffin top. Yes, the shapewear line has gone a bit overboard with swimwear and lingerie. We don’t need to be lycra happy all the time with every facet of our wardrobes. However, when us gals do want a little help, Spanx are there for us if we so choose. I get my panties in a bunch whenever someone–male or female–passes judgement on why women choose to wear what they do. I know PLENTY of super confident, kickass women who wear Spanx. And none of them are insecure about their bodies. Plus, I agree with Caity Weaver that the compression does make me feel a little like I’m being hugged all day. I secretly love it. Until I have to use the bathroom, but that’s a whole other conversation.

What do you think about Spanx? Do you wear them? What purpose do they serve for you? Share your Spanx sentiments!

Yummie’s a lot more than shapewear… who knew?

I attended a press preview yesterday for Yummie by Heather Thomson, and had something of a shapewear enlightenment. Previously, I had assumed Yummie Tummie was just stomach-sucking tank tops, and that Spanx was the best out there.

Well, the preview proved me totally wrong with unique pieces I think a lot of us can benefit from.

Yummie by Heather Thomson offers a line of denim, which is currently available online and in some specialty stores. I got to check out the jeans up close, and they look like straight-up denim, but actually have shapewear technology built into the fabric. This doesn’t mean they have actual shapewear inside, just the same type of fancy fiber stuff. Plus, they feature a higher rise without looking like mom jeans. The denim line comes in 3 styles: straight, skinny, and bootcut. Sizes go from 2 to 18.

I also got to view their RTW line, which offers a host of different tops and dresses with actual pieces of shapewear attached inside. This is so great, as they work double-duty as cute shells and functional shapewear. PS– Yummie also makes leggings that suck you in. Thank you! Finally!

Lastly, we checked out their year-round basics along with a brand new line called Paper Dolls, which is made from really, really thin material (get it, paper thin) that dispels any preconceptions that shapewear has to be thick in order for it to do its job. I was given this slip to take home, which I can use underneath my cocktail dresses for additional support, OR even with a long skirt and cropped blazer (as in, meant to be seen on top).

I am a firm believer that shapewear is important for everybody of every size and age, as it helps to smooth out lines for a more streamlined look. And with fabric this thin, you won’t feel like you’re wearing your grandmother’s girdle.

Most everything can be found on Yummie’s website, with denim also appearing in major department stores this spring, and the Paper Dolls collection debuting in February.

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