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Some thoughts on non-boring winter scarves

Scarves! I heart them. It’s one of the things I miss most about crazy cold New York winters… getting to wear those amazingly cozy chunky scarves. But I digress. Often times, people will go to one of two extremes when it comes to choosing their outdoor scarf. They either keep it completely neutral (think solid grey or black), or make it the superior statement of the outerwear look (bright red, pink, or a crazy print). But why not jazz up winter looks another way?  A while back I talked about the concept of new neutrals. Well think of these as the new neutral scarves. Colors and patterns that are interesting, yet not spotlight-stealers. Kind of like really awesome supporting actors.

beacon scarf from gap

Think neutral colors within the pattern. I bought this scarf from Gap while I was freezing and desperate in Chicago, and it’s now my favorite item of the season. Since the colors within the pattern are black and white, it can be paired with almost anything. I even love mixing it with different patterned coats. Keep in mind it’s super chunky, so best used as a cold, cold weather scarf. Or even a blanket.

cora scarf from plumo

Animal prints are by nature a neutral, and this scarf from Plumo offers a great take on the concept. The burgundy color is unexpected, but muted enough to complement a ton of other hues. This would look gorgeous over a light grey coat, or even a navy one. And since it’s a silk blend, it’s light enough to keep on indoors.

qi rae cashmere scarf from shopbop

This cashmere scarf from Qi takes the concept of colorblocking and makes it fantastically neutral. Not only do I love this scarf, but I love how it’s styled in the pic. The two muted colors within the scarf go with other patterns and colors beautifully. It gives the whole look some much-appreciated depth.

Spring scarves are my new best friend

I’ve been on a huge scarf kick lately. This may seem counterintuitive as the weather is gradually warming up, and scarves tend to be cooler-weather accessories. However, I don’t see it that way. Spring and summer scarves are quite a brilliant concept, and I’m thrilled that there are so many lightweight options out there to choose from.

I posted this pic on my Facebook page last week (you should like me!). It’s a scarf I picked up at BellJar in San Francisco. (They have an online store, too.) I’ve been wearing it with basically everything I own.

Then on a recent shopping trip with Karen, we scored some of these fantastic colored scarves at Loehmann’s. They’re available online here.

When deciding on a spring/summer scarf, first make sure it’s an appropriate fabric. My favorites are the super duper ultra lightweight gauzy cottons. As far as colors and patterns, you can’t go wrong with a bold color like the ones above. This can offer a fun pop to a casual weekend look. Just treat it like you would a statement necklace and make it part of the outfit.

Or, you can have some fun with patterns. This is another one of Karen’s purchases from JCPenney. Because the polka dots are in neutral colors, it will go with just about anything. (This is no longer on their site, but here’s a similar style.)

Check out some unique ways to wear your scarf here.

The summer scarf

Cool scarf-tying options from Eileen Fisher. Or as they like to call it, accessory styling.

Warning: The video’s kind of long, yet oddly addictive.

Some pretty options on their site too.