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Where I’ll be absolute-last-minute shopping this weekend

Nothing like the eleventh hour to light a fire under my butt when it comes to Christmas shopping. While I did the majority of my shopping online this year, there are a few unchecked boxes on the list. Since it’s going to be tricky (translation: expensive) to have something shipped now in time for the big day, I’ve decided to list some brick and mortar places I’ll be braving this weekend. This is NOT a list of the cutest, most unique things you won’t find anywhere else. Rather, it’s an oh-crap-I-have-to-buy-something-right-now-no-matter-what kind of list. But these choices will still make you look like you put months’ worth of thought into the process. Cheers to working smarter, not harder! Or something to that effect.

perfume bottle from anthropologiecandle from anthropologie

For your ‘unique’ aunt: Chachka from Anthropologie.

Anthro is ideal for elegant thingamajigs, which makes it the perfect stop for your quirky family member. But stick to household wares, candles, or jewelry. Don’t do an article of clothing, as we all know how that can turn out.

calvin klein performance

For your super active friend: Calvin Klein Performance jacket.

CK Performance makes really nice active apparel for about half the cost of Lululemon. I bought one of their funnel neck jackets a few weeks ago for $50 and love it. Oddly, their pieces are hard to find online, but major department stores like Macy’s carry a decent assortment of CK Performance. (SF has a freestanding store, too.) If you’re the exercising type, you can never have too many cute après sport jackets to throw on.

varvatos usa tie from nordstrom

For your sister’s (or brother’s) boyfriend: John Varvatos tie.

For the gentlemen still on your list, I suggest a tie from cool-guy brand John Varvatos, or his lower-priced line, Varvatos Star USA. Ties from the proper Varvatos line can be found in his stand-alone stores on both coasts, but will run you around $150. The USA line makes equally nice ones for about half that, and can be found in places like Nordstrom.

bracelet from madewellhare + hart bracelet from madewell

For your college-aged cousin: Mix and match bracelets from Madewell.

Madewell’s assortment of skinny bracelets are super cut alone, or all piled together. And right now, the store is offering 30% off  everything through Dec. 24!


philip crangi frame from targettracy reese dessert plates from target

For the person who may or may not be giving you a gift, therefore requiring you to have one on hand just in case: Target.

While I’m lukewarm on the Neiman Marcus collection (as was the rest of the world), there are still some good buys in-store for that gift you need to have just in case. I would suggest the Philip Crangi frame, Tracy Reese dessert plates, or Altuzarra old-fashioned glasses.


And for the annual White Elephant….

The pajancho, people! Enough said.