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Fashion Icons Over 40

My (style) crush on Claire Underwood


claire underwood style

I realize I’m behind the times here, but I just finished House of Cards on Netflix. It was a mild obsession that lasted the week. And I came out the other end with a less than mild style crush on Robin Wright’s character Claire. While her physique helps the fitted, minimalist wardrobe shine the most, it is possible to take some cues from her less is more approach, even for those of us without a runner’s body.

house of cards style

With Claire, fit is king. And so is a ridiculously chic haircut. Seriously, the hair is the main accessory to all of her looks. I can’t see her character having as much of a sartorial impact with this, can you? A good lesson in how important the overall package really is.

Well-tailored pieces in muted hues with minimal accessories (sometimes none at all). Kind of the opposite of MObama, whose style I also admire the heck out of. So I guess the moral of the story is there are more ways than one to achieve amazing professional style, it just depends on what you’re comfortable with. This is good news. The work wardrobe is not as limiting as you thought!

Check out my Office Style pinboard, and follow me for more workwear inspirations.

And if anyone has a suggestion for my next series binge, hit me up. I need my fix.

MObama’s summer style

I’ve been so sidetracked by the sartorial choices of Duchess Kate that I’ve been neglecting one of my favorite style aces, Michelle Obama.

The First Lady has been out and about in a bunch of summer-perfect dresses, all accented at the waist.

A belt is such an easy way to add punch to a dress, especially when it’s just too hot for necklaces or heavy bracelets. Plus, it makes you look slimmer!

From vintage-esque gold to edgy studs, MObama knows how to use a belt to successfully accent both her look and her figure. Well played, Michelle.

Style twins on The View

I had The View on this morning (I admit I love it), and Diane Sawyer walked on wearing pretty much the same outfit as Barbara Walters – a black button-down tucked into a black pencil skirt.

I had to snap a pic because not only did I love the flattering choice the two 40+ women made, but I thought it was a good example of how to make two successful looks out of one foundation.

Diane–whose style is always on point–went the more classic, understated route by keeping accessories to a minimum (only a black belt) and going with a neutral shoe.

Babs edged things up with a chunky turquoise necklace, big earrings, fishnet stockings, and a black strappy shoe.

There are advantages to both outfits, depending on what you’re going for.

Diane’s look tends to be more flattering; the absence of a necklace creates the illusion of a longer neck, and bare legs paired with neutral shoes has the same effect on the legs. However, Barbara’s ensemble shows more personality, using a black palette to show off a funky necklace and legwear.

Props to both Barbara and Diane for showing how to you can make basic black work in more ways than one!

And check out how I made over 60 new outfits from one client’s closet. And she didn’t even have to go shopping.

Monday inspiration

Came across this while cleaning over the weekend and wanted to share…

When I was planning for the launch of The Re-Stylist, I constructed a completely old school inspiration board over a Justin Bieber calendar. (The calendar was a gag gift from my brother. He knows I love the Biebs.)

And yes, I still do literal cut-and-paste collage-style inspiration boards. It helps!

The quotes in the top left are from one of my very first clients. Then there’s Charlotte Rampling looking fabulous with a crazy hat and gloves. Next to her is a quote from Cecilia Dean in V Magazine that says, “I’m a thousand times more confident than I was ten or twenty years ago.” I love that.

The middle pics are also from V Magazine–their Who Cares About Age issue, which I found so inspiring. And then, of course, MObama.

Inspiration boards are an amazing tool for outfit-building, too. I always cut out magazine pics or print online photos of  ideas, colors, etc. that appeal to me, and keep them on a bulletin board near my desk. I have a client who keeps some pics right inside her closet. She looks to them as reminders to try new things when getting dressed. So smart!

Style ace: Tory Burch, 44

Thanks to the innately stylish eye of a recent client, I was introduced to the above pic of Tory Burch from InStyle Australia. I just love how adorable Tory looks (in a grown-up way, of course) in this bold striped suit of her own design.  I was inspired to do a little digging, and uncovered other looks that put Tory in the category of Style Ace. The designer has a knack for making both her own clothes and other labels (Narciso Rodriguez and Lanvin to name a few) appear fun yet sophisticated.

While this suit is definitely not for the faint of heart, Tory makes it work for two reasons: the right fit and the right accessories. The slim, tailored cuts of the blazer and pants flatter the body. And the accessories in both pics complement the colors of the suit without competing for attention.

Here’s another snapshot that shows off her smart eye for cuts. The ankle-length silhouette of the pants is modern and flattering.

Tory always gets the fit right with skirt choices, too. At the knee and fitted (but not tight). Plus, she has fun with prints and bold accessories, but always keeps a solid foundation to keep the look from going into crazytown territory.

Birthday Girl Cher, 65

The incomparable Cher turns 65 today, which makes for the perfect time to showcase one of the most outlandish fashion figures/drag queen muses in, well, forever. While most of Cher’s style choices would be prime candidates for a fashion worst least-dressed list, we can all admire her ability to just put it out there (literally) and keep things entertaining.

Happy Birthday Cher! You will always be marvelous.

Style ace: Danielle Steel, 63. Dahlings

After stumbling upon this gem of an interview with Danielle Steel, I can’t help but love her general over-the-top ridiculousness, including her fashion choices. She makes no apologies for her love of French couture, but, of course, remembers the importance of those closet “basics”… “ Prada, Chanel, Givenchy and of course, Hermès handbags.” Well, duh.

Flamboyant attitude aside, I do admire Steel’s flair for the dramatic when it come to style. She loves to look grand, and makes no apologies for it. And it works!

Seeing more red…

Yet another red pants sighting, courtesy of StyleList.

Demi Moore, 48, makes red look casual cool by pairing satin trousers with a slouchy top and black trench.

I’m telling you, you won’t regret spending some $$ on a pair of bold trousers this spring/summer. They will prove incredibly versatile! As long as you pair with neutral colors.

Best-Dressed Over 40 Celebs at last night’s met ball

Sorry for being MIA for a while! Lots of stuff pulling me in different directions. Back now though and posting regularly (fingers crossed).

First up.. last night’s Met Costume Institute Gala. Although there were several stunning looks, I’d like to highlight my favorite over 40 ladies who killed it on the red carpet.

Anna Wintour, 61

She may not come across the warmest of souls, but Anna Wintour always looks elegant and polished. For the ball, she opted for a Chanel gown featuring one of the hottest trends of the evening… long sleeves! Looks like designers are finally catching on to the fact that women like a good sleeve.

Iman, 55

Iman rocked a sequined Stella McCartney jumpsuit. Because she’s Iman and she can.

Donna Karan, 62

In one of her own designs, Donna Karan made 62 look sexy (yet tasteful) in feisty red.*

*Yes, there’s something weird going on with her right breast, but I still think she looks great. Nothing a little upward tug and double-sided tape can’t fix.

Patricia Clarkson, 51

Patricia flaunted old Hollywood glamour in a sleek black gown by Michael Kors.

Jennifer Lopez, 41

Sure it was dramatic, but what better time to go for over-the-top Gucci than at the Met Ball? Jennifer kept it daring, not garish, in a rich fuchsia hue.

And for more info, check out’s comprehensive alphabetical list of who wore who to last night’s soiree. Very impressive.

Style ace: Liz Taylor, 79

Elizabeth Taylor

The great Elizabeth Taylor passed away today. A true icon in every sense. While her style was not for the modern minimalist, her glamorous, extravagant fashion choices always exuded confidence, creativity, and utter individuality. Liz, you and your fabulous white diamonds will be missed.