My poor feet

It’s no secret I have always loved shoes. And my tallish 5’9″ stature has never stopped me from flaunting high, HIGH heels ever since I was 17. But years of choosing looks over comfort has finally taken its toll on my feet.

I was recently diagnosed with having excessive pronation, which could eventually lead to plantar fasciitis (a fancy term for really bad heel pain). It means my ankles go inward like this:

And in case that’s not enough information for you, I have also developed what I like to call foot blemishes (because I loathe the word bunion), and they are beginning to cause pain as well.

So, this has left me at a sort of crossroads. From a stylist perspective, I consider shoes to be an integral part of creating a successful look, and it KILLS me to think that I could now be limited in my choices. Because, it’s not only about quitting high heels, although that certainly helps. Flat shoes are bad for this condition too, as they don’t offer any sort of arch support.

Here’s how I hope to strike a semi-happy medium between comfort and style.

Come winter, I will be investing in a custom-made pair of arch inserts. These are going to be pricey, but because of my extreme case, it’s necessary. There are also over-the-counter ones like these from Birkenstock that will work in boots, flats, and other cool-weather choices. However, I’m hoping my custom pair will be flexible enough to stick in heels, as the ones above are too stiff for anything but flats.


Summer’s a lot tougher since most shoes are strappy and open. So, I will be opting for Dr. Scholl’s gel supports, and sticking them in walking shoes from Aerosoles. Although these shoes aren’t on the cutting edge of fashion, they’re cute enough for walking around the city, and offer a cushioned bed and subtle lift at the heel. Then I can switch into my preferred sandals or heels when meeting up with clients, friends, the world.

Do you have the same issue? How are you handling it? Let me know!

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  1. jenny
    July 1, 2011 | 2:10 am

    I Just saw those insoles at CVS! Was very tempted to buy them…might have to now :)

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