Malia Mills

I was talking swimsuits today with a few friends, and one mentioned her absolute adoration of Malia Mills.

A quote I found on the designer’s site pretty much sums up why:

“it’s vital to liberate women from feelings of inadequacy that accompany the struggle to find a suit that fits. it’s imperative to show women that if a suit doesn’t fit, it is the suit that is flawed, not the body. a swimsuit should represent sun and fun not fear and loathing!”

Check out the site! It has all sorts of body types modeling the retro-esque suits, as well as a comprehensive, easy-to-read sizing guide.

Prices are on the whoa side, but, in this case, you get what you pay for. A suit that fits, flatters, and makes you want to get in the pool again.

Thanks Malia!


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