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A huge chunk of change!

Well it’s finally happening.

After nearly a year of planning (whew), I am so very proud to announce big-time changes at the The Re-Stylist.

Many of my clients have reached a point in their lives where their old way of dressing just isn’t representing who they are anymore. They still feel connected to their likes and dislikes in terms of style, but want to evolve into a better, more grown-up version of that. Through trial and error, they have come to acknowledge and embrace what works for them and what doesn’t.

I have come to that point myself. Not in a style sense, but in a business sense. After operating as The Re-Stylist for two years, and helping so many incredible people along the way, I have decided it’s time for my business to have a makeover of its own.

And the first part of that makeover is a new name. Yep! We are changing from The Re-Stylist to:

Bryn Taylor Personal Style Management


Along with this, we have…

  • shiny new websiteI worked with a super creative team to bring you a gorgeous new site. It’s leaner, more functional, and just plain cooler-looking. Find us at
  • A video! (Well, technically two.) Catch a glimpse into the world of Bryn at work, starring actual clients. Get excited. You can preview the teaser video below, and find the full-length version on the new site.

  • A virtual stylingservice that anyone can benefit from. This is perfect for people who want wardrobe help but don’t live in my service areas. Alternatively, it’s an ideal get-to-know-me option if you want to test the waters before diving into in-person help.
  • Newsletter-only style tips. You will still be able to access old blog posts on this site, but going forward, I will be sharing my style tips exclusively through my newsletter. So be sure to sign up (if you’re already on my current list, there’s no need to sign up again), and forward to any friends who might be interested.

A huge thanks to my readers, clients, co-workers, and friends. I feel all grown-up.

photo and video by Ashley Batz


iNDie talks with Nicole Delger


I’m psyched to announce my recent interview with brand advisor, Nicole Delger, is now up on her site! A little while ago, I sat down with Nicole to chat about the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur, and what challenges I’ve faced along the way. In a nutshell, this journey has been nothing like I expected, which is certainly not a bad thing. And I’ll say for certain, in the (almost) three years I’ve had this business, there has never been a dull moment. :)

This video also marks the first time I’m announcing big changes that are in the works around here. The biggest of all being a NEW NAME. Very scary to say out loud, but come the new year, we will be rolling out a brand new website and business name. Much more on this as we finalize the steps in the coming months.

In the meantime, check out the video here.

Thanks, Refinery!



refinery29 bryn taylor

refinery29 Bryn Taylor

So psyched to have been featured on Refinery29 today! They caught me in my pre-brunch, sleepy Sunday ensemble wandering around SF’s Hayes Valley. The sunglasses helped hide the puffy eyes.

I also have to give my pants their very own shout-out. These puppies have become my go-to summer staple. They’re from Mango, and are one of the most versatile pieces in my current wardrobe. I took them with me on my last vacation, and will be flaunting them for the rest of the summer for sure. Just something to keep in mind the next time you want to try printed pants, but are nervous you won’t know what to wear them with. As long as they are in a muted or neutral color palette (i.e. olive and black), your pairing options are nearly endless.



Here’s a pic from a recent photo shoot (more info soon) where I paired the magic pants with a white blazer and drapey top. Perfect for a night out.

For more printed awesomeness , check out my crazy (but cool) pants Pinterest board.

all photos by Ashley Batz


Cool, understated jewelry. Yes please.


Last night, I attended a trunk show for local SF jewelry brand, Salty Fox. Very cool stuff. I’ve been attracted to big, vintage-style baubles for a long time now (still am!), but have started to gravitate towards more minimal pieces for my day-to-day. Maybe it’s the West coast laid back-itude. Or maybe I just appreciate less fuss and more versatility now. Either way, I found Salty Fox’s pieces to have just enough edge to keep things interesting. Not too girly or precious, and completely wearable.

colleen mauer designs

And in a not at all seamless segue, let me take this moment to highlight another SF designer, Colleen Mauer, whose pieces will be making a debut in my upcoming video (stay tuned for deets). Her aesthetic reflects that same subtle, tasteful edge. I’m especially in love with her ridiculously awesome square stacked ring.

Salty Fox available at

Colleen Mauer designs available at

My (style) crush on Claire Underwood


claire underwood style

I realize I’m behind the times here, but I just finished House of Cards on Netflix. It was a mild obsession that lasted the week. And I came out the other end with a less than mild style crush on Robin Wright’s character Claire. While her physique helps the fitted, minimalist wardrobe shine the most, it is possible to take some cues from her less is more approach, even for those of us without a runner’s body.

house of cards style

With Claire, fit is king. And so is a ridiculously chic haircut. Seriously, the hair is the main accessory to all of her looks. I can’t see her character having as much of a sartorial impact with this, can you? A good lesson in how important the overall package really is.

Well-tailored pieces in muted hues with minimal accessories (sometimes none at all). Kind of the opposite of MObama, whose style I also admire the heck out of. So I guess the moral of the story is there are more ways than one to achieve amazing professional style, it just depends on what you’re comfortable with. This is good news. The work wardrobe is not as limiting as you thought!

Check out my Office Style pinboard, and follow me for more workwear inspirations.

And if anyone has a suggestion for my next series binge, hit me up. I need my fix.

Cannes we get a sleeve up in here? And the answer is yes.

sleeved dresses

Can we take a moment to talk about the loooong overdue resurgence of sleeved dresses on the red carpet?? Case in point, Cannes. As I was scrolling through some pics this morning, I was beyond delighted to see sleeve after sleeve after sleeve attached to the gowns. Of course not all of them were necessarily attractive, but hey, it’s a start right?

Many of my clients consider sleeves to be a non-negotiable when seeking out a formal or semi-formal dress. And while there are add-on options to cover arms, it’s always nice to be able to find an incredible dress and wear as is. Personally, I find a sleeved dress to be eternally elegant, regardless of its function.

I’m liking the different ways the Cannes ladies went about a sleeve: lace, semi-sheer, off the shoulder, and even a belted jacket as part of the ensemble (my kind of look).

And a HUGE round of applause to Jane Fonda, who continues her reign as queen of the bold hued long-sleeved gown.

Follow my Pinterest board for more fierce red carpet looks (both with and without sleeves).

Why navy should be your black for spring

Vince navy blazer

I’ve been on a huge navy kick so far this season. As crucial as black is in the cooler months, it’s equally important to have a grounding color for spring and summer. Enter navy. It’s rich, classic, and surprisingly compatible with almost any spring hue. And it won’t weigh down light ensembles like black or brown can.

Here are some ways to wear navy:

spring navy

Navy and green are a match made in sartorial heaven. Such a fresh spring combo that can be accented with white or metallic. Try a green shift dress under a navy blazer.

I also adore the concept of a navy blazer over a crisp white summer dress. A perfect warm-weather office look.

For guys, I suggest a deep navy sport coat in lieu of their go-to black one. For warmer months, it will go with khakis, olives, and light greys brilliantly.

And for something a bit more adventurous, try slim navy pants topped by a coral or mint top, and yellow accessories. Just remember to keep footwear neutral.

Go navy! Love what you got goin’ on.

How to properly pack for a vacation

I have been an overpacker for most of my life, starting at age 8 when I’d bring ten sundresses on a 3-day weekend to Disneyworld. It hasn’t been until the last few years, that I’ve gotten a handle on my own packing behavior. To be honest, it’s MUCH easier to manage someone else’s vacation wardrobe than it is  your own. I recently had to pack for Hawaii (where I am right now so follow me on Instagram for tons of sunburnt selfies and tropical drink porn) and wanted to practice what I preach when it came to the contents of my suitcase.

Here are a few cardinal rules I’ve come to live by when packing for a warm-weather vacation:

Only bring multi-functional pieces.

what to wear on vacation 2

Your clothing should earn its spot in your bag by working in more than one way. For example, my roomy chambray button-down can be taken from poolside bar to fancy dinner in no time. It’s even great as a swimsuit coverup.

Jewelry and fancy sandals are tropical lifesavers.



what to pack for vacation

Fierce earrings and a cool sandal can transform your daytime dress (and even shorts and tank) to perfectly awesome evening attire. Baubles and fancy sandals (I’m partial to metallic) are miracle workers for dressing up at night.

Don’t use this time to experiment with new styles you don’t normally wear.

I used to be very guilty of this. I would use vacation as an excuse to pack all the clothes I owned but never wore, thinking it would be the perfect environment to try something daring. But nine times out of ten, you’re not going to feel comfortable wearing that piece anyway, no matter where you are. Stick to styles and silhouettes you know, like, and are comfortable with.

And if you need more vacay guidance, check out my tips on how to find the perfect swimsuit and coverup.


Spring blazer alternatives for those who don’t want structure all year round

Anyone who has worked with me, seen me, or browsed my blog knows I have a pre-occupation with blazers. If I had to choose one item of clothing to wear for the rest of my life, it would be a blazer, and maybe a bra. In fact, I love them so much, when I have a fancy schmancy occasion coming up, I rarely shop for a new dress. Instead I splurge on a dynamite blazer. That said, we all know the benefits (structure! camouflage!) the blazer provides. But I often get asked how to do a blazer when the weather warms up, and you don’t feel like wearing a fitted, structured piece. You can definitely go the linen and lightweight fabric route, but another way to think about it is in terms of spring silhouettes. Looser, more fluid pieces can achieve the layering brilliance of a blazer but with a slightly more laid-back / warm-weather ready twist.

Zara oversized women's blazer


I freaking love this Zara loose, oversized blazer for spring. It goes against every grain of my being to advocate on behalf of something with such little structure, BUT this gem manages to maintain a polished look. You could even do it over a fitted dress for warm-weather cocktails.

eileen fisher silk jacket


This Eileen Fisher silk jacket is also a really cool blazer alternative. It’s made from a cotton and silk blend, and the addition of the pointed hem in front is genius. It uses angles to create the illusion of structure.

Vince lightweight twill blazer

I wanted to include one more typical blazer, and this Vince lightweight twill captures a preppy feel while being totally chill and easy.

Joie silk bomber jacketFrench connection black petal bomber jacket

Last but not least, there’s the bomber. I was on the fence about this of-the-moment piece until, well, last night when I bought one. The silk bombers are actually quite beautiful and airy. A nice, fresh shape if you need a break from lapels. I’m loving the Joie mint one and French Connection’s petal bomber (which is the one I took home).

And for all things layered, follow my boards on Pinterest. It’s one of the few social media platforms I actually look forward to using.