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Thanks, Refinery!



refinery29 bryn taylor

refinery29 Bryn Taylor

So psyched to have been featured on Refinery29 today! They caught me in my pre-brunch, sleepy Sunday ensemble wandering around SF’s Hayes Valley. The sunglasses helped hide the puffy eyes.

I also have to give my pants their very own shout-out. These puppies have become my go-to summer staple. They’re from Mango, and are one of the most versatile pieces in my current wardrobe. I took them with me on my last vacation, and will be flaunting them for the rest of the summer for sure. Just something to keep in mind the next time you want to try printed pants, but are nervous you won’t know what to wear them with. As long as they are in a muted or neutral color palette (i.e. olive and black), your pairing options are nearly endless.



Here’s a pic from a recent photo shoot (more info soon) where I paired the magic pants with a white blazer and drapey top. Perfect for a night out.

For more printed awesomeness , check out my crazy (but cool) pants Pinterest board.

all photos by Ashley Batz


Cool, understated jewelry. Yes please.


Last night, I attended a trunk show for local SF jewelry brand, Salty Fox. Very cool stuff. I’ve been attracted to big, vintage-style baubles for a long time now (still am!), but have started to gravitate towards more minimal pieces for my day-to-day. Maybe it’s the West coast laid back-itude. Or maybe I just appreciate less fuss and more versatility now. Either way, I found Salty Fox’s pieces to have just enough edge to keep things interesting. Not too girly or precious, and completely wearable.

colleen mauer designs

And in a not at all seamless segue, let me take this moment to highlight another SF designer, Colleen Mauer, whose pieces will be making a debut in my upcoming video (stay tuned for deets). Her aesthetic reflects that same subtle, tasteful edge. I’m especially in love with her ridiculously awesome square stacked ring.

Salty Fox available at

Colleen Mauer designs available at