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Color in January (or, how to fake a bright mood)

Yes, we all probably feel like donning black and grey as we ride out the nasty that is the month of January. I’m with ya. But maybe, just maybe, a pop of color here and there can have some sort of anti-SAD effect? I was completely inspired by a recent client to re-introduce some color into my winter wardrobe. And I think we should all to the same! But if you’re not usually a color person come winter, here are some baby steps you can take that won’t make it so glaring.


An obvious way to inject a pop of color is to go the bright coat, scarf or gloves route (a la Michelle). This is perfectly fine, but if you’re looking for some another way to do it, I suggest busting out your colored bag usually reserved for spring. This spot of color will look fierce next to a canvas of blacks and other neutrals. All winter I’ve been carrying around this bad boy, and it instantly livens up all of my dark winter looks.


image from

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For indoors looks, I love the idea of a single colorful garment among blacks, greys, and whites. Instead of falling back on the easy colored top/black pants safety net, try a bold skirt or pants, or even a bright three-quarter sleeved top under a darker dress.  Below are two ideas I suggested to a recent client…

IMG_2581bold skirt

And remember, you can always do a colorful shoe, belt, or piece of jewelry too. Whatever gets you through the ice cold day. :)



Why MObama wins.

Barack Obama Sworn In As U.S. President For A Second Term

Who knew the day would come when a rhinestone belt from J.Crew would hang in the Smithsonian. Well that day is here my friends. And we have Michelle Obama to thank for it. MObama blew me away with her 2013 inauguration outfit . In case you missed it, she donned a Thom Browne coat and dress, J.Crew belt and gloves, and Reed Krakoff black boots.

And she looked damn good.

It’s no secret I’m a big fashion fan of the First Lady. As I’ve said in the past, not every look is my fave, but her confidence wins me over every time.

For inauguration day, she seemed to get everything right. First, the jacket itself was structured, flattering, and modern. The cut cinched in at the waist and fell neatly over her lower half. The pattern was successfully neutral while still remaining interesting. Plus, the vertical seams offered a slimming effect. The belt gave the overall ensemble a dash of glamour, while the magenta gloves stood out as a dramatic–yet not overwhelming–pop of color. And to finish it off, the boots she chose were sophisticated and semi-easy to walk in. Overall, she appeared modern and well-tailored. Two things every woman should strive for.

jill biden

Jill Biden, on the other hand, made me a little sad. I rarely give negative criticism to specific people on this blog, but I feel like there’s a lesson to be learned here. Dr. Biden is a beautiful woman, but she seems to often miss the mark when it comes to her wardrobe. Today was no exception. The dress, while pretty, looked too cutesy for her, while the coat was flimsy and too mother-of-the-bride. Plus, she could have benefited from a dark grey or black tight instead of opting for bare legs. It would have elongated her legs, and provided a more streamlined look. And I think she should cut her hair. It’s time, Jill.

But overall, congrats to the ladies of the inauguration! Can’t wait for four more years of Mrs. O.

Here’s the thing with high black boots (part two)

Following up on the heeled high boot talk I started a little while ago, let’s discuss what to look for when seeking out a flat high boot.

Flat boots can be taken through February, March, and even into April/early May, depending on your weather situation. I strongly (strongly!) suggest you do not go the boots/bare legs route, as I have seen it happen and it’s not pretty. Flat boots are most successful when paired with slim jeans or leggings-style pants. You can do them with a skirt, but unlike heeled boots, not every skirt or dress will work. Pencil skirts, sheath dresses, and more fitted work-like wear is best paired with a bit of a heel. More casual, fluid skirts can work with a flat boot.

And if you choose a timeless style, they will be your best friend every fall and winter for years to come! A super solid investment.

As I mentioned with heeled boots, fit is king. The boots should FIT YOU. This may sound like a duh, but it’s a point that people tend to overlook way too often. Make sure the calf is neither too tight nor too loose. It should be form-fitting without cutting off circulation. And keep the ankle slouching to a minimum.

Here are a few of my faves:

tory burch black riding boots

Tory Burch does a great riding style boot. When going the riding route, think minimal detail. Too many bells, whistles, buckles, and straps will make the boot look busy and cheap. And nobody wants to look busy and cheap.


For something a little more laid back, look to Madewell. These boots offer a hint of western style while remaining cool and relaxed.

corso como boots

And for those purists out there, I love the simplicity of Corso Como‘s boot. It’s simple but not boring. Clean, structured, and expensive-looking (without being so).

Manday: jeans that don’t cost a lot but still look good

Let’s talk jeans. Particularly guys’ jeans that look good and don’t cost a lot. A tall order to fill in our current atmosphere of super-expensive designer denim. However, finding a solid pair of jeans that don’t cost $200+ can be done!

First, let’s go over the criteria one should look for in any jean, pricey or not. As in women’s jeans, guys should look out for two overall dealbreakers when shopping for denim: wash and cut. To err on the safe side, go for a DARKER WASH. Please please please stay away from light or acid wash. That’s not to say that all of your jeans need to be perfectly uniform in color. Distressing can be interesting and totally acceptable, but make sure the base color is a darker blue. Not this.

On to the cut. Generally speaking, stick to a straight or slim straight. These are the most flattering and versatile. If you want to go slim, which is totally fine, opt for a slim that’s not painted on. You want a little room to breathe. And make sure it’s a slim and not a skinny. There’s a difference.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that squared away, let’s move on to some brands you should totally check out.

Levis 514 jeans

For a roomier straight, the old denim-standby Levi’s is still the best. Especially since the jeans are under 50 bucks. Stick to their 514s for a true straight leg.

jcrew mens jeans

JCrew 484s are the slimmest you can go without going into skinny territory. They give off a subtle hipster vibe without going too crazy.

uniqlo mens straight jeans

Uniqlo’s jeans aren’t as soft, but they offer solid cuts (both in straight and slim straight) that are extremely budget-friendly. The site has limited sizes, but stores usually carry every size under the sun.

My new year’s resolutions to YOU


Instead of forcing my way through a paleo diet or P90X workout (yikes), I’ve decided to go an entirely different route when it comes to resolutions. For 2013, I’m making a list of resolutions that apply to you, my awesome, fabulous reader. I am so grateful to have someone other than myself visit this site on a regular basis. It means a whole lot to me. So, to show my appreciation AND get some resolutions jumpstarted in the process, I’ve come up with a promise list for 2013. Here it goes.

In 2013, I promise to:

GO WITH QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. I will still be posting regularly, but the posts are going to be better, chunkier, funner, and more informative. I don’t want to waste your time or mine with fluff. You can find that stuff on every other blog, right?

GET TECHY. I’ve already signed up for a ton of classes in the new year that will help my right-brained brain get more tech savvy. This will apply to resolution 1 as well. Think prettier pictures, videos, podcasts, and all that 21st century stuff.

BECOME FRIENDS WITH FACEBOOK. Sure I have the obligatory Twitter and Facebook. But I have to be honest, the social media world is not my strongpoint. Rather than just posting more OMG I love this, or did you read this, I want to cultivate a true online community where we can all go and have cool things to talk about.

GIVE YOU MORE EYE CANDY! In the new year, I will be re-vamping my site to offer you something prettier to look at. Goodbye black and white, hello color!

OFFER TRANSPARENCY. The world of personal styling can seem so weirdly elusive, which is annoying. In 2013, I want to put it all out there. I’ve started with putting more detail into my services page, so you know what you’re getting up front. This includes prices. Yes, you can see how much I cost right there in a click. (Eek!) I’ll also be developing a regular feature on the blog called ‘confessions of a personal stylist’, where I’ll discuss all the crap I go through when I’m shopping for and dressing myself. It’s not always a walk in the park. And perhaps most importantly, I will be giving more nuggets of styling wisdom away for free. Stay tuned to the blog for more info on that.

So here’s to 2013, the year of keeping it real. And interesting. And fun.

Do you have any suggestions that you’d like to see implemented on the blog/social media sites? Let me know! And like TRS on Facebook to get in on that whole number 3 thing I talked about above. :)