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Look like you know what you’re doing when you buy jewelry as a gift

So every year my father buys my mom a piece of jewelry for Christmas. It’s such a wonderful gesture, but the box is often returned a few days into January. My point is–Dad, if you’re listening–buying a woman jewelry is HARD. It’s a very personal thing, especially if she tends to be particular in her tastes (and we kind of all are, right?). That said, I thought it’d be helpful to offer some guidance for anyone willing to take that risk and buy some bling for their loved ones this holiday.

First of all, stick to brands and designers you know the person likes. This makes the odds of them not fake-liking your gift that much more in your favor! Unfortunately, you’re not always going to know that info. But if you can gather some style and personality clues, then shopping for jewelry can be easier. Hopefully you know the person well enough to catch a glimpse of said style and personality. Unless it’s secret santa, in which case, buy fancy booze instead.

Take a minute to think about the type of person you’re buying for, and then let that lead you to one of the following designers. All of which I love.


If she’s: trendy, modern, and loves to follow fashion

Look for: Kelly Wearstler, Dannijo

You will score big points if you show up to gift-giving time with one of these designer’s pieces. On the pricier side, though, just fyi.

If she’s: nostalgic, romantic, loves vintage

Look for: Lulu Frost (who also does a line for J. Crew), Miriam Salat, Kenneth Jay Lane

For the decadent grandmother in all of us. These designers offer opulent, over the top, gorgeous items. Lulu offers stuff on the more delicate side too.

If she’s: edgy, rock and roll-ish

Look for: Pamela Love, Eddie Borgo

Yes there are spikes involved. But they’re chic spikes! Plus a single piece from these designers will appropriately edge up a conservative ensemble. That means your waspy Aunt Stephanie would also look pretty rad in Pamela or Eddie.

If she’s:  classic and minimalist

Look for: Ippolita, Gorjana, Madewell

Ippolita is definitely an investment piece, but their bangles go with everything. And both Gorjana and Madewell offer tiny trinkets that can be worn everyday for a long, long time.


If she’s: hippie/earth goddess (but still cool)

Look for: Agapantha, Jacquie Aiche

These pieces have a more organic, handmade feel. Super pretty, feminine…and affordable!

Also check out BaubleBar, Love her Madly, and J.Crew for darling xmas picks at all prices.

New Stuff’s A Comin’

Hello lovers! You may have noticed my absence from the blog in the last couple months. No, I didn’t give up styling, but I did unplug for a while in order to develop/figure out some biz stuff.

I’m back now, and I got some newzzz…

First of all, the not-so-fab announcement. As many of you know, I re-located a year ago to San Francisco. The move was for family reasons (translation: spouse got a sweet new job), and I had been hoping to make my business bi-coastal. Well, after 11 months of traveling back and forth, I have come to the decision that for the sake of my own sanity and that of everyone involved, I will be limiting my New York services to three times a year starting in 2013. So what does this mean? First, it does NOT mean that I am no longer servicing New Yorkers. I love all of my current East coast clients, and will still be welcoming new ones! However, it’s going to be on a first-come first-serve basis. If you want to have access to my upcoming New York availability, I will be announcing both on Facebook and the blog in the coming weeks.

As for Bay Area dwellers, man, are you in luck. Business will go on usual, and I will be at your beck and call.

Annndddd….drumroll… now for my super-awesome announcement. I’m pregnant! HA JUST KIDDING. FAMILY, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, THAT WAS A JOKE. No for reals, come the new year, The Re-Stylist will be offering a virtual smorgasbord of online services. This means that anybody anywhere will have access to my styling help. The new offerings and all the juicy details will be available starting in January.

That’s all for now. I’m back on the blog posting regularly, so come back and visit. And stay tuned for all the deets!