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Summer wedding hat brilliance from Brooklyn

I attended my cousin’s wedding last weekend at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens (above is me with my father, and some ridiculously steadfast Beefeaters). My cousin’s bride is from England, so naturally, there was an amazing array of hats to admire. I couldn’t muster enough sartorial courage to don a headpiece, but below are some of my faves of the evening!

So the monochromatic dress, shoes, bag, and hat thing was popular. Very Tara Tomkinson.

These two women were a DELIGHT. And they told us all about the hat-picking process. Naturally, it starts with the dress and you pair accordingly. They mentioned there are services in London that will put together a hat-to-toe look for you. And they’re not too expensive. Love it.

More hat awesomeness during cocktail hour.

This was by far the crowd favorite. The pic is kind of crummy, but she was wearing a magenta feathered fascinator. And somehow she made it look gorgeous and not at all tacky… which is nearly impossible when levitating feathers are involved.

Overall, I’d say the Americans lost out to the English women when it came to dressing for a wedding. Every one of them looked impeccable. Ah, the power of a proper hat (or fascinator).

Congrats to Liam and Suzy!