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MObama loves a good (naeem khan) print

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Michelle Obama flaunted a printed gown tonight at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The dress is by Naeem Khan. I love it. Do you? (Also really feeling the wavy hair!)

Check out more of MObama’s looks here.

Full skirts on the brain

I was in Bloomingdale’s today and spotted these two darling looks. I’m kind of loving the fuller skirt for spring! It’s ladylike, comfortable, and generally flattering. While I would probably shorten both of these to be more knee-length, I’m still really into them. And check out those pops of yellow. Perfection.

Full skirts have a cool retro feel to them. And they’re considered flattering because they create the illusion of a small waist, while blossoming out at the hem (which helps to cover any below-the-waist areas you’re not too keen on). If you’re going to rock one of these, keep in mind this general rule: when you have volume in one place, keep it slimmer elsewhere. Therefore, if you’re going with a fuller skirt, the top should be more slim-fitting, and probably tucked in. And a belt never hurts!

Other than that, anything goes. These look fantastic with heels, chic summer sandals or simple ballet flats.

I’m still e-searching for the skirts above, but in the meantime, you can browse some fun full skirt options here,  here, and here.

A fab collab!

I’m super excited to announce an upcoming collaboration with Cut The Clutter, an amazing professional organizing company based in NYC!

Here’s a little more about the company and its founder, Natalie:

Cut The Clutter, NYC’s premier professional organizing company, has been helping city-dwellers to maximize space in their often tiny abodes for three and a half years. Overflowing closets/cabinets?  Stacks of papers?  Feeling suffocated in your own home? Let CTC ease your organizing woes!  Natalie Schrier, CTC’s President & Founder, will custom tailor an organizing solution for your existing space (plus or minus a few products), work hands on with you to implement the system, and then give you tips for maintaining your newly fabulous space so that you stay on an organized path.
Natalie is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, and services Manhattan and its surrounding area. To schedule a complimentary in-home consultation, please email her at “Like” CTC’s page on Facebook ( to see organizing tips, product recommendations and more.
I’m not revealing everything right now, but stay tuned for the details on this unique collaboration. Trust me, you’ll be both organized and chic just in time for spring. I mean, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Yellow is where it’s at

I’m in the midst of re-decorating my home right now, and am knee-deep in the accent/chachka portion of the process. It’s a lot of fun.. but also a lot of work. Anyway, today we focused on adding pops of color to the different rooms. And a recurring theme was yellow! I just talked about yellow being a ‘new’ neutral when it comes to wardrobes… looks like the color’s magical superpowers extend beyond the closet.

Since I’m having a general love affair with mr. yellow right now, I thought I’d share some more ways to incorporate it into your spring/summer look. It’s true that yellow can be a tricky color to wear. But, if you use it in small doses, it can be an incredible ensemble-enhancing super tool.

Shoes are a great way to add yellow. I love bold sandals, but you can also try out just a hint of yellow in an espadrille, or something more casual, like a slip-on.

You can also go with bold yellow jewelry. Again, a small dose can go a long way.

I’m a big fan of the skinny yellow belt. Pair it with colored pants for a very J.Crew look (nothing wrong with that), or over a printed day dress.


For those still on the fence, try a yellow bag. You get to try the color, without the commitment of wearing it. Win win!

Spring scarves are my new best friend

I’ve been on a huge scarf kick lately. This may seem counterintuitive as the weather is gradually warming up, and scarves tend to be cooler-weather accessories. However, I don’t see it that way. Spring and summer scarves are quite a brilliant concept, and I’m thrilled that there are so many lightweight options out there to choose from.

I posted this pic on my Facebook page last week (you should like me!). It’s a scarf I picked up at BellJar in San Francisco. (They have an online store, too.) I’ve been wearing it with basically everything I own.

Then on a recent shopping trip with Karen, we scored some of these fantastic colored scarves at Loehmann’s. They’re available online here.

When deciding on a spring/summer scarf, first make sure it’s an appropriate fabric. My favorites are the super duper ultra lightweight gauzy cottons. As far as colors and patterns, you can’t go wrong with a bold color like the ones above. This can offer a fun pop to a casual weekend look. Just treat it like you would a statement necklace and make it part of the outfit.

Or, you can have some fun with patterns. This is another one of Karen’s purchases from JCPenney. Because the polka dots are in neutral colors, it will go with just about anything. (This is no longer on their site, but here’s a similar style.)

Check out some unique ways to wear your scarf here.

Yes, this is a neutral

In case you haven’t noticed, color is EVERYWHERE right now. Jeans in every hue are readily available, as are blazers, trousers, shoes, bags, you name it. Color is officially the thing for spring.

Many clients hear me say over and over again that the best way to wear color is with a neutral. Now, if you’re a color veteran, you can play around with different color combos for sure. That’s not wrong at all. However, if you’re a color newbie, then teaming with a neutral is the way to start. That leads me to the next question: What is a neutral? The term neutral has broadened in the past several years, and it’s much more open to interpretation now. And this is a good thing! This means more things in your closet will work with those coral jeans you just bought but are still kind of scared of. So let’s break it down.

The Classic Solids.

Solid neutrals that almost always work with bolder colors are white, black, grey, navy, chambray, cream, khaki and putty. You will rarely go wrong with pairing one of these with a strong shade. Black’s the only one of the bunch to be a little more careful of. While it may seem like thee go-to neutral, it can tend to look severe next to spring’s bright colors. Black will work better with softer, pastel-like or faded colors. For more saturated hues, stick to the others in this category.

The New Classic Solids.

‘New’ solid options include mint, seafoam, and yellow. It may sound weird, but these work brilliantly with colored separates. Mint and seafoam are quieter colors, while yellow just weirdly works with a ton of stuff. (Which is why I’m a huge fan of yellow sandals for summer. They go with everything.)

The Prints.

This is where it gets fun. Certain prints can serve as fabulous neutrals. My favorites are stripes, animal prints, and polka dots. Don’t be scared. Always look to the base colors that make up the print to tell you whether it will serve successfully as a neutral. For example, the components of a leopard print are often cream, black, tan, and grey. All typical neutral solids! Same with stripes and dots. A navy/white dot and grey/cream striped top work as a neutral because the elements are neutral solid colors.

See how that works? This will not only help to make pairing with colors easier, but it can give otherwise ho-hum outfits more visual depth.

Now as you get more used to color in general, you can try adding a second bold pop to the overall ensemble.  But that’s a whole other post. We’ll get there soon enough.

In the meantime… go neutrals!