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What to do with your unwanted clothes

image from LookingFly

Can you believe it’s the middle of March already? I’m not complaining, but wow, the months just fly by. This got me thinking about spring cleaning and how my own closet could use a spruce-up. Which then got me thinking of what I’m going to do with my unwanted clothes. I often opt for donation–which I also recommend to clients–but there are other choices out there for sure. Cue the list!


Stores: Goodwill, Housing Works, Out of the Closet, local thrift stores

The deal: This option is best if you just want to GET RID OF IT. You can get a tax deduction for your goods if you ask for a receipt, but that also means you have to roughly itemize and price out what you’re donating. This can be time-consuming, especially if you have bags and bags of stuff. Some locations offer pick-up services, but you have to check on whether this is offered in your area.

Upside: it’s for charity, they take almost anything, will sometimes pick up

Downside: no cash back

2. SELL.

Stores: Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads, Beacon’s Closet

The deal: If you’re looking to make a little cash back from the items you spent money on, there are a few ways to go about this. First is a ‘cash for fashion’ option like the ones listed above. These are re-sale stores that will pay you in cash or trade on the spot for the pieces they are willing to accept. But know going in there that they are not obligated to take anything… and some can be a lot snobbier than they seem. For example, hipster haven Beacon’s Closet won’t take Gap. But they love Diane von Furstenberg. Also, the money or credit you receive is not even close to what you probably paid retail. But at least it’s better than nothing. Be sure to call ahead and ask which seasons they’re currently accepting before carrying everything over there.

Upside: you can get cash or credit (albeit a penance)

Downside: no pick-ups, they can be picky/bratty about what they take

3. CONSIGN (in store).

Stores: Michael’s, Fisch for the Hip, 2nd Time Around

The deal: A consignment store will take your goods, sell them for you, and offer you a (small) portion of the sale. With this option, you can often get more for your item than you would by selling it to the store right away. However, your item has to be bought by a customer in order for you to get anything for it.

Upside: more $$ for your stuff

Downside: they often prefer designer items, your piece has to sell in order for you to make money


Sites: The Real Real, PoshMark (app)

The deal: Consigning online is becoming increasingly popular, mainly because it’s so much easier than schlepping your stuff to a brick and mortar store. The Real Real is a site that re-sells your items online.  You can either send your stuff via mail, or choose their ‘white glove’ pick-up service if you live in NY, LA, or SF. The Poshmark app is a little more hands-on, allowing you to photograph and post items in your closet for sale.

And there’s always good ol’ eBay. Pretty self-explanatory, but can be challenging if you are a first-time seller, as you won’t have a score that potential buyers can reference (to make sure you’re not shady).

The Marni for H&M situation

Here’s what the line looked like outside the Powell Street H&M store in San Francisco this morning:

And here’s what it looked like as it wrapped around the block.

I knew Marni was going to be popular, as most H&M designer collaborations have been. However, I wasn’t sure the hysteria over this Italian label would translate from fashioney fashion people who love it to, well, anybody else. But apparently a collab is a collab is a collab, which means the crowds come regardless. According to Racked, the lines in the New York stores were long, but the mood civil.

And the pieces themselves? There were plenty of sneak peeks in the weeks before the launch, and things looked cute and Marni-ish.  At the press preview, the accessories were the main attraction, although everything sold out within 30 minutes, including what the mannequins were wearing.

The collection is not available online, but you may still have some luck in the stores, unless you’re looking for the jewelry. If you really want your Marni fix (because Marni actually is that good), you can head over to eBay, where stuff is already being re-sold. For a lot more money, of course.

Or you could always invest in the real deal. Marni necklaces happen to be my favorite of all time. They are super pricey, but so completely unique and wonderful. And while H&M finds can be wonderful, they’re not exactly unique. Yes, I said it.

Some happy weekend viewing

Here are a couple more videos from the Fashion for Women over 40 segment I did with Mannequin and eHow. For your weekend viewing pleasure.

How not to look too business-y when dressing for a business meeting :

The right tops to wear under a suit!

Need more fashion over 40 advice? You can check out all 13 of my videos here. But that’s a lot of Bryn in one sitting. I mean, even too much for me.

Sasha Maks Vintage jewelry… because you gotta go big or go home, people

Last night I attended a party and trunk show celebrating the launch of the new e-commerce site for Sasha Maks Vintage. If you’re into decadent vintage jewelry (and really, everyone should be), Sasha Maks is a name to know. Her collection is impeccably curated, and just plain amazing. And now she’s offering them for sale on her very own e-boutique. I am always on the lookout for unique jewelry–both for myself and my clients–and I’m SO happy to have discovered Sasha Maks.

The launch party was held at the hidden gem, Conifer, in Cow Hollow. There were stunning vintage pieces galore, as well as the cutest teeny tiny cupcakes for the guests.

Below is some of the amazingness:

The red pendant and earrings on the left are vintage Dior (not yet on the site).

And here’s Sasha rocking some eye-catchers herself. Look at those fierce green shoes!

My favorites of the night: A crazy jaguar bracelet from the 50s, and the statement necklace of all statement necklaces: a 1970s Lanvin.

Check out these and more goodies at Congrats, Sasha! I will be shopping on your site way too often for my own good.