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It’s tights time…

Bare leg weather is finally wrapping up, which means it’s time to bust out the tights. I’m quite excited for tights this season, as there are a ton of fun styles to choose from.

Tights obviously affect the overall look of your ensemble, so be conscious of what colors are going to work with your wardrobe. Black is a sure bet (unless your outfit is brown), and grey acts an amazing neutral too. Don’t pick a bold hue or pattern when other components of your ensemble stand out. For example, if you’re donning a vibrant printed dress, let that hold the spotlight and keep your legs more muted. Conversely, if you’re rocking a calm black dress, opt for jazzy lace or funky dots on the legs.

Some brands to seek out: SPANX reversible tights, HUE, (both very opaque), Worthington (inexpensive yet long-lasting), DKNY, and Anthropologie.

Jump on over to The Three Tomatoes to check out my latest article on the big legwear trends of the season.

And I may sound like a broken record, but be sure to stock up on basic opaque black, as these will never let you down (and will always be in style).


Images courtesy of Bare Necessities and DKNY

Versace for H&M, complete with man pink


In a little less than a month, throngs of people will descend upon H&M to snatch up their latest designer collaboration with Versace. Pics of the entire line (both men’s and women’s) just surfaced, and while the men’s stuff may be a bit whoa, the women’s pieces look pretty fun. My main concern is quality. When you have such out-there garments, it’s crucial to have really amazing fabric, fit, and construction. Otherwise it can look like you picked it up at your nearest Strawberry (not that there’s anything wrong with that). So, I’m withholding my final verdict until I see the collection in the flesh. That is, if there’s anything left after they open their doors Nov. 17th.


If anything, the belts and scarves are going to be adorable, I’m sure. Crazy always works better in small doses.

What do you think of the new Versace for H&M collection? Will it break Target’s Missoni record for most chaos-inducing, must-have-now collaboration?

(All images courtesy of H&M Press site)

Some fun tee thoughts from net-a-porter

I wanted to share an email I got from NET-A-PORTER: three ideas for elevating your t-shirt look. I think tees are truly versatile pieces essential to any successful wardrobe. Especially ones made from super soft material that drape easily over the body. While I have my own ideas on where to find fabulous tees, I do like the pairings going on here.

A slouchy tee over a long maxi skirt can go so much further than the afternoon. This is an effortlessly chic choice for date night or even an evening event. Remember how much of a stir Sharon Stone caused in that Gap top at the Oscars? (I just dated myself, I know.)

Check out the full email here. Long skirts, retro pencil skirts and edgy skinnies are all waiting to be worn with your go-to tee. It’s allowed, I promise!

Yummie’s a lot more than shapewear… who knew?

I attended a press preview yesterday for Yummie by Heather Thomson, and had something of a shapewear enlightenment. Previously, I had assumed Yummie Tummie was just stomach-sucking tank tops, and that Spanx was the best out there.

Well, the preview proved me totally wrong with unique pieces I think a lot of us can benefit from.

Yummie by Heather Thomson offers a line of denim, which is currently available online and in some specialty stores. I got to check out the jeans up close, and they look like straight-up denim, but actually have shapewear technology built into the fabric. This doesn’t mean they have actual shapewear inside, just the same type of fancy fiber stuff. Plus, they feature a higher rise without looking like mom jeans. The denim line comes in 3 styles: straight, skinny, and bootcut. Sizes go from 2 to 18.

I also got to view their RTW line, which offers a host of different tops and dresses with actual pieces of shapewear attached inside. This is so great, as they work double-duty as cute shells and functional shapewear. PS– Yummie also makes leggings that suck you in. Thank you! Finally!

Lastly, we checked out their year-round basics along with a brand new line called Paper Dolls, which is made from really, really thin material (get it, paper thin) that dispels any preconceptions that shapewear has to be thick in order for it to do its job. I was given this slip to take home, which I can use underneath my cocktail dresses for additional support, OR even with a long skirt and cropped blazer (as in, meant to be seen on top).

I am a firm believer that shapewear is important for everybody of every size and age, as it helps to smooth out lines for a more streamlined look. And with fabric this thin, you won’t feel like you’re wearing your grandmother’s girdle.

Most everything can be found on Yummie’s website, with denim also appearing in major department stores this spring, and the Paper Dolls collection debuting in February.

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My new find: Topshop’s trendy baubles

Need some bling on the cheap? Check out Topshop! It’s where I recently discovered a treasure trove of affordable jewelry. I was there with a client, and we ended up spending quite a bit of time in their 1st floor accessories area. They have a ton of cool necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets especially.

The prices go from $10 to $50, so you can stock up on fun stuff for all of your fall looks. The types range from edgy spikes to art deco to more tribal-inspired pieces, including lots of big stones that actually don’t look too cheap. I mean, they’re still of the costume jewelry variety, but at least the glue’s not oozing from the setting.

When asked where I find good inexpensive jewelry, I often suggest Banana and J. Crew, but will be adding Topshop to that rec list for sure.

Also available online at

Well if Zoe likes it…

I admit it. I love Rachel Zoe. Yes, she’s crazy crazy crazy, but I find it to be an endearing type of insanity that’s backed up by genuine talent and amazingly gigantic jewelry.

Today’s Zoe newsletter featured her team’s pick for ‘the perfect tee’. And while said tee is nice, I am not about to shell out a C-note for it ($105 to be exact). What caught my eye was their Alternate Universe pick, which is basically the affordable choice for the common folk. In this category, Team Zoe showcased one of my favorite recent purchases from Nordstrom: the Rubbish Dolman Tunic Tee.

I picked up a couple of these during my last adventure to a Jersey mall a few months ago. I found them in the junior’s department, and have worn them to death since. They address my obsession with butt-covering tops, without looking too boxy or shapeless. I credit that to the rounded shirttail hem. To keep it real, they are not the best quality, and will start to pill eventually. But for less than $30, that’s not totally surprising.

Anyway, just wanted to toot my own horn over scoring these well before today’s mass Zoe-mail stuck them in the spotlight. I back these tees 100 percent. And am about to order a few more!

Caping it real, people

So I’m watching the Today show (morning ritual), and they did a whole Bobbie Thomas segment on capes. I’m so torn on the cape issue! They’re fantastic on the runway, in magazines, and on skinny plastic mannequins, but when it comes to the real world and the real body, it’s a tough piece to pull off. Capes are shapeless, and are meant to hang loosely over your frame. While this can be stunning on a long, slender, curve-free figure, it doesn’t translate well to any other body type.

HOWEVER, the one on the left above (from NY & Company) has shirring detail on the front AND back waist, which works to create the illusion of a cinched middle. And I think the color is very autumn chic. Finally, a cape I can get onboard with. (This effect can also be achieved with a belt at the waist, but the shirring seems a little less complicated.)

Unfortunately, you still can’t pull a handbag strap over the arm, which is the second most annoying thing about capes. But if you’re cool with a clutch, then more power to you. Rock that cape all season long.

Remember dickies? They’re baaaaack

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how to dress french


Massive thanks to Shopafrolic for turning me on to CeCe Toppings. Don’t know if any of your remember the old school dickie, but it’s back with a fabulous new look! (Let’s call them faux collars as the word dickie just kind of makes me uncomfortable. Yes, I still have a 5th grade sense of humor). My grandmother used to wear dickies faux collars in every color of the rainbow. Hers were all turtlenecks though, which just don’t work for everybody.

But CeCe Toppings’ versions are versatile collared cuts in a bunch of cool colors and patterns. While I have yet to physically try one, I am loving what I’m seeing on the site. While a full-on shirt can be just plain annoying (think of the constant tugging and re-adjusting under sweaters), the crispness of a button-down collar works brilliantly with fall’s cozy knit tops.

I’m particularly drawn to the ruffled and peter pan collars. Can’t wait to try them!

Check out the entire collection at




Celine and Chloé bring that volume back

I haven’t been reporting much (okay, at all) on the fashion weeks outside of New York (sorry), but I do feel the need to say a little somethin’ about two of my favorite designers who showed their collections this week in la belle Paris: Celine and Chloé.

For years I’ve looked to these brands for style inspiration. Celine’s clean lines, minimalist approach, and always impeccable tailoring embody perfectly understated style, while Chloé has always won me over with a feminine, slightly retro take on classics.

The Spring 2012 Celine show tapped into a stiff, 1960s-esque silhouette. The big, structured cuts and darker color palette felt more like fall than spring, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Especially the wide-sleeved leather tops and flared jackets. (Although I’m not so sure how those super big arms would work in practice.)

Chloé’s take on spring was more flowy, and a bit lighter in color and structure. The belts were slung lower on the Chloé girl’s hips, giving off a laid-back, cool girl vibe. The color palette was unique, and those pants were fabulously big and roomy. Just the way I like them.

Overall, I appreciated certain elements of each show. And am kind of excited about thick belts coming back onto the scene.

What do you think of the Celine and Chloé collections? Très chic, or not so much?

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