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How to pack light for vacation (it’s hard, I know)

I’m headed to Lake Tahoe for a few days, and am in the midst of packing. Packing for a vacation can be a very stressful ordeal. Ridiculous, but true. For many years, I was of the more is more mentality, bringing a ton of stuff just so I could have options. But as I get older, I am trying to be more careful of this. After all, maybe I don’t WANT to have too many options when dressing on vacation. Maybe I’d rather relax.

This time, I’m taking pieces that can go easily from day to night with the simple switch of jewelry and shoes.

For example:

We’re going to be doing a lot of walking, so shorts are definitely in order. I love this slouchy cargo pair because I can wear them with a simple tank during the day, and then dress them up with a cardigan, necklace, and metallic sandals for a casual evening out.

The same goes for this lightweight t-shirt dress. For daytime gallivanting, I’ll wear with a thick belt and denim jacket, and then switch to layered necklaces and my trusty gold sandals for dinner.

The key to stress-free packing is to know your general itinerary beforehand, and then bring things that can perform double duty. Since I know the evenings are going to be on the more relaxed side, bringing some extra accessories and shoes will be enough to make day ensembles perfect for evening.

I will be back on Monday, but in the meantime, I’ll be re-posting some gems from TRS’s archives. Enjoy!

MObama’s summer style

I’ve been so sidetracked by the sartorial choices of Duchess Kate that I’ve been neglecting one of my favorite style aces, Michelle Obama.

The First Lady has been out and about in a bunch of summer-perfect dresses, all accented at the waist.

A belt is such an easy way to add punch to a dress, especially when it’s just too hot for necklaces or heavy bracelets. Plus, it makes you look slimmer!

From vintage-esque gold to edgy studs, MObama knows how to use a belt to successfully accent both her look and her figure. Well played, Michelle.

Is your style too safe?

Do you play it safe when it comes to your style? Are you hesitant to dress outside the box?

One of the keys to spicing up a wardrobe is to venture outside of your fashion comfort zone. This doesn’t have to mean harem pants when you’re a chinos kind of gal, or a neon jumpsuit when shirt dresses are more your pace. It could be as simple as a change of shoes.

In my July article for The Three Tomatoes, I explain how to amp up your style by playing with color opposites and the power of the ‘wow’ piece. Sometimes a little change goes a long way.

Check out all of my advice here!

Michael Kors bling coming soon, and for a decent price

I apologize for the deluge of jewelry posts lately. Guess I got gold on the brain. Anyway, I couldn’t pass up sharing this tidbit I found on NYMag’s The Cut.

The amazing gold cuff necklaces and bracelets from Michael Kors’ Fall 2011 show will be made available next month for us mere commoners to buy! And at around $125, they’re not completely unattainable.

I have been eyeing these pieces (especially the necklaces) since I first saw them on the runway. It’s the perfect power accessory to a simple dress or muted suit. In fact, I have been searching for something exactly like this for my wedding dress. But that’s a whole other post, so stay tuned.

And as soon as the location/date become available for where to find MK’s jewelry, I will let you know!

Mixing Metals: a do or a don’t?

One of my clients just posted this fantastic question on the TRS Facebook page:

I have an awesome, large-faced watch I wear that is silver… And as a teacher I find I definitely need to wear a watch! But a lot of my fun, funky jewelry is gold or gold-toned that I wear on a regular basis. Should I invest in a big-faced gold watch (or other type of watch) OR can i mix and match?

The answer is a big fat YES to the mix and match! If you already have a watch that you love, there’s no need to invest in a new one. The concept of matching all of your jewelry is as archaic as matching your shoes to your outfit. It just doesn’t need to be done.

I own a chunky men’s Michael Kors watch in silver, and I pair it with everything: gold, silver, bronze, and even bold colors. Even though I tend to buy more gold jewelry, I happen to think silver watches are just so sleek.

The mixture of metals, whether it’s right next to each other (like above), or simply a silver watch worn with a gold necklace, will always give your ensemble a more dynamic feel.

So save your money for other fun jewelry, and keep on flaunting that silver watch.. with everything!

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California Dreamin’

I’m headed to California (half work, half play) until Monday. Not Palm Springs, though. I just liked the postcard.

Have a great weekend!

The sites I like, and why

The Coveted

I get a lot of questions about which fashion-focused sites I visit when I’m not hanging out on my own. Well, it’s a hodgepodge, for sure. But each serves a specific purpose, with content that keeps me coming back for more!

For straight-up shopping: ShopStyle

I’m not married to a single e-tailer when I’m buying online. Instead, I go directly to Shopstyle. It’s basically a fashion google search. When I’m looking for, say, an emerald green shift dress (I don’t know why, but just go with it) I can type that into the search bar and browse options from a bunch of different stores, both big name and boutique. You can also narrow your search using criteria such as price, color, and brand. I promise I am not getting paid to praise Shopstyle. I just happen to love it.

For inspiration: The Coveted

If you’re looking for unique style inspiration, and not just messy adolescent hipster-esque morning-after looks, check out The Coveted. The creator, Jennine, posts street pics of herself everyday, and I find her choices to be fun, polished, feminine, and always interesting.

For fashion news: Racked

Racked has a national site (aptly named Racked National), and ones specific to New York, Chicago, and L.A.. The local sites are great for keeping up on your sample sales. They’ll often live-blog from within a sale too, letting you know if it’s worth leaving your chair.

For sartorial comic relief: Go Fug Yourself

The two founders’ commentary on celebrity style mishaps are priceless. Often funnier than the mishaps themselves.

For something different: Advanced Style

Advanced Style celebrates the fashion of “the silver-haired set”. It’s very refreshing, and full of chic photos and amazing interviews.

Got any favorites of your own? Do tell.

Gorgeous bling from Claudja Bicalho

While leafing through August’s Harper’s Bazaar, this amazing organic-y cuff caught my eye. The fluid, almost messy shape is so intriguing. Unfortunately, the designer only sells in her store in the Hamptons, and not online. Gah.

Her name is Claudja Bicalho, and her adorable shop is Lazypoint. It looks so fun in there! Wish I could hop on the subway and go browse (and buy this cuff.)

Well, if you happen to be in the Amagansett area one weekend, swing by Lazypoint and check out the goods. Judging from pics of the store, you won’t be disappointed.

They are GIVING things away

I’m not big on sales posts, but I feel it is my duty to spread the word about the incredible discounts I’ve been seeing on my shopping excursions around New York and New Jersey. Sure, it’s all summer stuff, but it IS still summer. And the prices are really good.

Most of the sales are in actual stores, but there are decent e-deals to be had if you don’t feel like leaving your air-conditioned home. Some of the prices are the same online, while others are cheaper in-store because of random discounts.

Here are five you should check out:

Old Navy – Their skirts are 75% off, which means I paid six bucks for a slouchy, wear-with-anything black one.  Also great deals on swimwear.

LOFT – Dresses are 40% off, including some easygoing cotton ones.

Filene’s Basement– Lately, Filene’s has been offering very chic designer labels for very cheap. The one in NYC has a bunch of D&G, Missoni, and Piazza Sempione for 75% off. I found $400 white Dolce & Gabbana jeans marked down to $99. (They don’t currently have an online store.)

J. Crew – If you’re a shorts kind of gal, then go to J. Crew now. I don’t usually shop there because I think they’re a tad overpriced, but I found the above pair for 32 bucks.

Lord & Taylor – Good ol’ L&T always has some sale going on, and right now, it’s on shoes. I stocked up on three different sandals–one evening, one dressy day, one casual day–all for under $100. You often need a coupon there to tap into the sale, but you can print it directly from their site.

Know of any other fantastic summer sales? Share the love in the comments section or on our Facebook page!

Daisy Fuentes is responsible for my new favorite maxi dress

I went shopping at Kohl’s recently–a longtime favorite for bargain finds–and was both surprised and a little weirded out by the fact that the Daisy Fuentes clothes are actually… cute. This line has been at Kohl’s for a while now, but I’ve hardly ever noticed it. Blame it on strategic floor placement, but instead of heading to Vera, I went straight for the Daisy.

The current Fuentes line is contemporary, feminine, and frills-free–especially the dresses.

I went home with this really great maxi dress with a drawstring Empire waist and flattering skirt. A customer’s online review says it all:

“I love this dress. I am 5’8” tall and I always have trouble finding a maxi that is the right length for me and this is perfect, it rests on the top of my foot just where I want it to. I also have a larger bust, and slightly curvy hips, this dress hit me in all of the right places and is not too clingy or tight.

Agreed! And it’s only 36 bucks.

This is my ‘don’t even think about getting hair on my all-black maxi dress’ pose.

There are some other fun frocks on the Kohl’s website, and they’re all on sale! Perfect for chic summer style you don’t have to think about.

Styling note: The front dips low, so wear with a fitted tank underneath.