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Yeah, so I started a Tumblr blog. Why? Because I wanted a place to post all the seemingly random pics, videos, and stuff that I come across but don’t necessarily know what to do with, other than file it away in my brain. Think of it as a giant TRS inspiration board. In blog form.

Check it out at!

I promise you won’t find any regurgitated content from this blog there, nor will you find any helpful advice, really. I would stick around here for that.

Looks like Q&A Friday

As promised, I’m posting a new style question every Friday. And since it is indeed Friday, here you go.

Today’s question is another from a Lady and the Blog reader:

Does your dress have to match your shoes? Or is it just your purse?

Please, throw these ideas out the window! Nothing is required to match anymore, except the right shoe to the left shoe, I would hope. You actually want to avoid looking too matchy-matchy, as this comes across as dated. Instead, if you want the shoe to remain understated, opt for one of the ‘new’ neutrals– blush tones, whites, metallics, and even animal and snakeskin prints. All of these are surprisingly versatile, yet not boring. And they will complement a variety of hues without pulling attention away from the dress.

Or, if you’d like to make more of a statement, try branching out into a shoe color that’s not anywhere in the dress, à la Michelle Obama. She’s the queen of using bold shoes as unexpectedly chic punctuation marks.

Regarding handbags, nothing has to match this either, not your dress, not your shoes, not your underwear. Nothing.

A bag, especially an evening one, is where you can add some personality to your ensemble. If your whole night-out look is on the neutral or black side, then try out a bright color (red always works). If you’re wearing something that already makes a statement, then try for a bag in an evening neutral: metallic, embellished (chains, stones, or studs, as long as they don’t look cheap), or even bright white (which is my personal fave).

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Please, not without my coverup

I’ve just been featured in North Carolina’s News & Observer’s style section talking about one of my favorite topics: beach coverups!

Really, how could you not love something whose sole purpose in this world is to make you feel less naked in a swimsuit.

These little miracle-workers are among my favorite summer items. I have several that I keep in rotation every season. Not only do they hide my business while I’m at the beach, but most are chic enough to wear to dinner with a pants or a skirt.

And like I told N&O, I don’t bother gathering all the latest swimsuit styles, as I am rarely seen in just that. I will invest money in a single well-fitting suit, and then have fun with a variety of coverups to go over it.

I have a few styles I’m planning to bust out this summer: retro tunic, oversized men’s button-down, long caftan, and possibly the loose knit meshy type that’s popping up everywhere.

Just remember to show skin somewhere–neck, shoulders, or legs–and you’ll look sexy without feeling all naked, squirmy, and vulnerable.

How to wear it: summer neutrals

I’ve been late in the game for gathering summer basics, so I reserved this past weekend for a shopping excursion with Karen. She’s always thrilled to come along whenever I hit up Lord & Taylor and Loehmann’s. The trip was a great success, and I ended up buying a boatload of neutral-hued pieces. While they may seem boring and bland, neutrals are an AMAZING way to get you through the summer. The different shades are ideal for mixing and matching together: white, light khaki, dark khaki, olive, beige, blush, and white. They all look good with each other.

The key is to add strategic bits of color to make each ensemble really pop.

Below are pics of some purchases and how I plan to jazz them up:

L&T had a bunch of lightweight dresses. This Jones New York shirt dress is a great office option, while the white and green frocks (both from BCBGeneration) are fun for the weekend or casual evening events.

All three offer an ideal neutral backdrop for a bib necklace in wow yellow. This brightens up your face without being overbearing. And if you’re feeling bold, you can also opt for a funky turquoise bracelet.

This Kate Hill belted jacket was a cool find, with its preppyish checkered print. And when I spotted this white Cynthia Steffe blazer in Loehmann’s, I couldn’t believe my luck. I have the exact same blazer already in a deep green, and have worn it to pieces. The slouchy, laid-back silhouette caught Karen’s eye as well, and we both ended up getting one–she opted for the khaki color.

All of these are perfect partners for a pair of colorful pants (red is the hue du jour). And if you want to take it to the next level, team with a soft pink top. Colorblocking at its finest.

I snapped this pic of me in the L&T dressing room where I fell in love with a light khaki button-down from Kate Hill. Karen was underwhelmed by the shirt when I picked it off the rack, but I knew it had potential. And I was right! She loved it so much on me, that she bought one for herself in white. She wanted to copy this Jones look we had seen earlier–neutralblocking as I like to call it. I’m excited to try the same effect with khaki on top and white on the bottom.


And what will make this look seem fresh and exciting is a pop of color using earrings, bold sandals, or both.

Once you get used to supporting neutral tones with a dash of color, you can start experimenting with combining two pops at once. Don’t worry. You won’t go overboard as long as you have the neutral foundation to keep things grounded.

Help me meet Iman. I’m serious.

So here’s the deal.

I am participating in this blogger challenge in order to spread the word about the latest from Iman’s Global Chic collection for HSN. A bunch of bloggers have been asked to incorporate some of her merchandise, which was provided to us, into our favorite jetsetter/resort/all-around fabulous ensemble.

I was given her aqua top, sunglasses, and duffle roller to work with, and added my own pizzazz with a thousand chunky bracelets, huge earrings, and slicked back Palmer girl hair. And while one photo is good, a series of three photos is EVEN BETTER. So that’s what I did.

Here’s where you come in: The blogger with the most likes or comments on her posted photo (or three in my case) will win..wait for it..a night on the town with Iman herself!

So help a girl out and like or comment (or both) on this post. I will owe you big time. PS–that’s my dog Dusty stealing the scene in the last shot. Yes, a no-holds-barred display of cuteness in order to win more votes.

What. It’s Iman. I have no shame.

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Just in time for the rapture, your style ?s answered

During my recent closet cleaning session with Lady and the Blog, I was asked some really interesting style questions via Facebook from some of LATB’s readers. This inspired me to begin a regular Q&A every Friday. What the heck, right?

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To kick it off, here’s one of the questions from a Lady and the Blog reader (well, two questions actually but who’s counting).

What is the biggest mistake most women make when shopping for new clothes?

The biggest mistake women make when shopping is forgetting to think of themselves! They choose things that they believe they are supposed to be wearing. Maybe they read about it on a fashion blog, or heard all their friends raving about it. Whatever the case may be, it doesn’t necessarily mean this ‘in’ item is right for you. So what if jeggings are the latest trend? If you know you will NEVER feel good in them, then don’t persuade yourself into making the purchase. Instead, take a step back and choose cuts and styles that sincerely work for you and your body. And if you don’t know what those are, then get some help. It will save you a ton of time and money in the long run to learn how to shop the right way.

And, if you could pick only 5 things that every woman should have in her closet what would they be?

Obviously, every woman is different when it comes to her personal style, but there are some key items that can enhance all types of wardrobes. The five things most every woman will benefit from having in her closet are:

1. A black blazer. This little miracle worker can make any piece–from a casual floral dress to a pair of jeans and a simple tee–look automatically more polished and structured.

2. White pants. White pants (or jeans) will match nearly everything in your wardrobe–winter AND summer. The bright white looks equally chic with black, bold colors, or fun patterns. More modern than khakis and more exciting than black.

3. White button-down. This is another one of those pieces that will add instant polish to your look. The classic cut will never go out of style, and the subtle structure flatters all bust sizes.

4. A go-to cocktail dress. This does not have to mean an expensive cocktail dress, just one that appears that way. Having this in your closet at all times will keep a last-minute dressy occasion from giving you a panic attack over having nothing to wear.

5. Dark blue jeans. Shopping for jeans stinks. But when you find the right pair, it’s like a little slice of style heaven. Look for a dark wash, as this is easier to bring into dressier situations. It doesn’t matter the style—skinny, wide-leg, flared—as long as they make you feel good.

Birthday Girl Cher, 65

The incomparable Cher turns 65 today, which makes for the perfect time to showcase one of the most outlandish fashion figures/drag queen muses in, well, forever. While most of Cher’s style choices would be prime candidates for a fashion worst least-dressed list, we can all admire her ability to just put it out there (literally) and keep things entertaining.

Happy Birthday Cher! You will always be marvelous.

TRS on Lady and the Blog

My closet cleaning session with Vera Sweeney was just posted on her site, Lady and the Blog–which, by the way, you should be reading/following/checking in on regularly. It’s funny, smart, honest… the list goes on.

The experience was great fun, so read the play-by-play from Vera’s point of view!

And here’s some video footage of me discussing spring skirt lengths. Check it out and watch me single-handedly alienate Mormon wives who read fashion blogs! And there’s a really cute dog at about 0:36. Her name is Jill and she steals the show.

Stay tuned to my brand spankin’ new YouTube channel, where I will begin adding videos of helpful fashion tips every week. As soon as I get over my awkward in-front-of-a-camera stutter.

The ’70s… in small doses

I am really loving my latest jeans purchase–a pair of flared trouser jeans from Gap. They’re insanely flattering, and have this cool ’70s vibe that’s not too overpowering. And while I usually steer everyone, myself included, towards darker washes, I have to say this lighter shade is really fun for spring. I think these are perfect for casual daytime meetings or a weekend outing.

Anyway, these jeans got me thinking more about the ’70s craze that’s hit the fashion scene as of late (H&M’s windows resemble a full-on raid of Ali MacGraw’s entire wardrobe, for example), and how you can make it your own without turning into a random Halloween costume. The key is to embrace the trend in small doses, and to always always balance with more modern pieces.

Take note of the muted colors of the examples below–this keeps them timeless and versatile.

1. Wide-Leg Pants.

Perfect for: a polished office look

Along with the flared cut, wide-leg pants embody the retro vibe in a flattering way. But pay attention to length when searching for the right pair. They look their best when worn with heels, which means the cut needs to be long enough to cover everything but the tip of the shoe. Otherwise, they can make you appear shorter.

Pass on the billowy peasant blouses and long tunics and counter the roomy silhouette with a more fitted top and cropped blazer for the office.

2. The Maxi Skirt.

Perfect for: an unexpected take on weekend or casual daytime wear

The maxi skirt runs that fine line between boho chic and just plain granola. Be wary of anything floral, ruffled, or tiered.  Keep to a solid color and minimalist style. Vertical pleats offer a unique take on the maxi, and help to create an always-welcomed slimming effect.

3. The Jumpsuit.

Perfect for: a cocktail dress alternative

The jumpsuit is a tricky one to pull off, but it can be done. To keep things contemporary, opt for a slouchier cut that falls at the ankle.

When accessorizing, think bold and structured. A sharp blazer breaks up the monochromatic look, as does a wide statement belt.  Add on chunky jewelry and eye-catching heels and you have a sleek departure from the standard little black dress.

So, please, embrace the ‘70s trend—it’s fun, comfortable, and romantic. Just remember, a little goes a long way!

A big spring clean!

I had the pleasure of hanging with the amazing Vera Sweeney of Lady and the Blog (and I’m Not Obsessed and Getting Gorgeous Events… she’s busy to say the least) on Friday, where we did a big fat spring closet clean. Her whole experience with me–including videos–will be featured on Lady and the Blog, but here are some quickie preview shots from the day:

Here’s Vera taking a pic of the ‘before’.

And this is the ‘Another One of Those’ pile that had us completely cracking up. It came out of all of Vera’s hanging-around-the-house tees that we kept discovering as we went through her closet.

She already had her shoes in clear plastic boxes–a huge plus–so we worked on getting them stacked, organized, and easy to access.

At the end of the session, Vera had a ton of stuff ready for the Goodwill.

Stay tuned to LATB, where Vera will give her first-hand account of the whole experience. I will let you know when the post is live!