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The Perfect Pair Of Category

The Perfect Pair Of section of this site is here to help you nail the best – fill in the blank – article of clothing you’re looking for. In this section, I will address the same three points every time:

1. What features to look for and why

2. What brands have what you need

3. What stores to find them in

That’s it. I want this category to be easy peasy to understand and use to your advantage. And please email me, or comment, if there’s an item you want to shop for that I haven’t discussed.

How to shop for: swimsuits

Shopping for a swimsuit sucks. It really does. I hate it, my friends hate it, and so forth.

But it’s something you kind of have to suck up and do once in a while.

Thankfully, the one-piece is back with a vengeance, especially ‘maillot’ styles from back in the day. This is great news, as they cover parts you want covered and still look really good.

Lots of companies are also making suits that have built-in body shapers.  They don’t look dowdy, they’re not super-expensive, and they keep everything in place.

There are websites that offer great options (FigLeaves – Miraclesuit, SeaSpray, Bare Necessities – Spanx Swim, Tommy Bahama,  ShapeFX – its own brand) for brave online shoppers, but to be frank, I believe you should go to the store and try on the suit before committing. Take a sedative beforehand if necessary.

[above: some Macy’s picks – click on the image for details]

Macy’s carries good brands for shape control: Jantzen, La Blanca, Fantasizer, Miraclesuit. And there’s an option on the website to find the suit you like in the store.

Look for ruching in the middle – it will camouflage tummy, supportive straps to keep your boobs up, and a bottom somewhere between boy short and high-cut. Either extreme will be unflattering to the leg. (You may have heard that higher-cuts elongate the leg, but if you go too high, you lose coverage in the butt.)

How to shop for: jeans

Let’s talk about jeans…because they can be scary, no matter your age or waist size.

Jeans are a tough. There are thousands of styles out there, and thousands of stores that carry them, but more often than not, you carry a dozen pairs into the dressing room and return the same dozen to the salesperson — going home with nothing but a grimace. Most clients I work with don’t necessarily care about the style – if they find a pair that fits and makes them look good, they’ll take it.

2 keys to finding  jeans that fit:

1. LYCRA IN THE BLEND — very very very important in order for the fit to be flattering and comfortable.

2. Knowing what brand to seek out. Certain brands only cater to the young, rich, and emaciated. Only seek out the brands that offer a true variety of sizes, so you don’t get anxiety over not fitting into a size 8. Oh the horror of being larger than an 8.

Not Your Daughter’s Jeans. Don’t be deterred by the matronly stigma attached to this brand. Yeah, they’re made for ‘women of a certain age’, but these designers actually know what they’re talking about. So suck it up and listen to them. At least try on a pair before you judge.

Calvin Klein. Mr. Klein provides a signature line up to size 12, and then a plus size line up to size 24. The styles are refreshingly current — boyfriend, skinny, flair, straight — and there are lots of washes to choose from — white, black, faded, dark, etc.

Jag Jeans. These are a Karen favorite (my very chic mom). She’s put a lot of hard labor into finding jeans she likes, and so far, Jag is in the lead. The brand comes in long, regular, and petite, and is made of a true cotton and spandex blend to give you some stretch.

All of these jeans are available in most department stores-  namely Nordstrom, which has its own huge denim shop online.

Get Excited…The Re-Stylist Has Arrived

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Re-Stylist..

This site is dedicated to the chic set of women over 40 out there who love to dress their best, but sometimes need a little guidance while navigating the often scary fashion jungle.  I aim to give pointers on how to dress for your body, what to wear for certain occasions, and what designers and stores to know about. I will even offer my services as a personal stylist and closet organizer when you require a more face-to-face experience.

The idea for The Re-Stylist came from years of witnessing my mother’s increasing frustration when trying on clothes that just weren’t right. Upon turning 40, both her body and tastes changed, but she didn’t know how to roll with it. Often she and her friends would turn to me for advice on everything from what to wear to a niece’s wedding to whether they were too old for skinny jeans. I loved helping them out, and always found each of these women had an innate sense of style, but just didn’t know how to approach shopping correctly as times were changing.

I hope you will find The Re-Stylist helpful, and please please please email me with any questions you need answered. I’m here to help!